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The energy I feel from Collective Consciousness today is that moving forward and finding those annoying little obstacles cluttering our paths.  Whoops!  Phew – good thing you saw that one in time.  Tripping and falling over that stone was not what you had in mind today.  How are you looking at those obstacles in your path?  The guidance Spirit gives me on this today is to see the potential in the obstacles.  At first glance, they may feel annoying and might appear to be dangerous – especially if you are running along your path without taking time to look where you step.  But there’s another purpose for those obstacles.  How might these little challenges actually help you?  What can you learn from them?  Stop for a moment and think about what higher and better outcome there may be, as a result of embracing some of this clutter and finding the hidden diamonds they may be hiding.  Not everything is meant to be something you just trip over and toss out of the way.  Some of these issues are loaded with gems – if you take the time and interest in digging them out.


It’s all in how you look at what appears to be obstacles in your path.  What if, instead of getting frustrated and angry and resentful, or even fearful over what shows up, instead you move into the curious observer, and ask, “hmmm… what treasure is there for me in this?”  In changing your perspective, you center yourself into a place of joy and adventure, which is a much easier energetic frequency for you to actualize your joyful, happy desires into your experience – whereas, when you move into the energy of fear, frustration and anger, you magnetize those frequencies and underlying beliefs instead – and you get more like that in your outer reality.  So, if you do find yourself feeling aggravated and annoyed over these disturbances and obstacles, it’s well worth your time and effort to explore the underlying beliefs you have about the challenges that show up in your life.  Once you’re aware of what subconscious programs you have going on, you can change them – which changes how you feel about yourself, which opens new doors and allows your world around you to also change to one much more suited to your desires and intent.


Sometimes obstacles also are meant to slow us down a bit.  Why would that be beneficial?  Well, in many cases, it takes some time, from our physical perception, for the physical world – along with our bodies – to catch up with the intent we’ve set to realize and actualize our desires.  Sometimes we just need to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life while our Higher Selves and guides make all those energetic connections to allow for the synchronicities to occur that show us our next action step… synchronicities that we likely miss when we are sprinting through and tripping over obstacles and getting mad about it!  So, what if you could transform each seeming obstacle into a rose to stop and smell?  What if, in learning what’s in that particular challenge, you just happen to find one of those synchronicities and connections that your Higher Self and guides have made for you?  Sometimes your next action step is within the challenge itself.  So bless those obstacles that show up in your path!  It could just be that there is another path you would have run past without seeing if that obstacle hadn’t been put there – and that may just be the path you need to notice and start walking down.  Pick up the stone, examine it, find the treasure within it, put it in your pocket, and take your next step.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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