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My oh my, but aren’t we feeling stubborn today!  It feels frustrating, doesn’t it?  Knowing what you want, and doing all that work to actualize it into this reality… and feeling so bored while you sit there twiddling your thumbs, growing restless as you hold on so tightly to that ideal you’ve imagined that you think you might even be bruising your fingers – yes, that feels quite frustrating.  Spirit’s guidance today reminds us that there are infinite possibilities, and sometimes it’s necessary to let go – to surrender your attachment to how you think things should work out and open your mind to alternatives.  Can you, in that 3D outfit you wear now, can you possibly know what the highest good actually is?  Make room for better.


Ground yourself in who you are.  But let the winds of change blow through you, like a tree with roots grounded into Earth, with branches swaying without breaking as winds blow.  Become flexible and open to other possibilities.  There’s a saying, “let go and let God.”  You’re asked to consider that, whether you believe in God or not.  Surrender all outcomes to your Higher Self.  Know that your guides and Higher Self are working on your behalf to make connections in the ethers beyond your conscious awareness, to deliver what you’ve asked for.  But remember – they look at what is in your Heart, and not just in your ego-mind’s desires.  And what is in your Heart is the real reason why you want what you want.  Can you let go of that vision you’re attached to and see the bigger picture?  Can you think even bigger?  Can you go beyond your ego-mind and into your Soul and discover what it is that your Soul is asking for?


Look at what is being presented to you now.  Who or what has newly appeared into your experience?  Take a closer look at them.  If a new person has come into your life in some way, and you’ve been working on manifesting a new romance or friendship – then give this new person a serious look, even if this person does not appear as you have planned.  Get to know this person who has just stepped into your sphere.  If you’ve imagined a new life of joy and abundance of wealth and prosperity in a beautiful new land, and find that you’re suddenly in the process of losing your job or your fiance/spouse or various material items, then know that this is happening to remove what’s in the way of what you have asked for, so that you can make that move and realize that new life.  It’s OK – even good – to grieve the losses, but don’t get stuck there.  There is reason to be happy, even in the midst of your perceived losses.  All you need to do is to be flexible and open your mind to the alternatives.


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Art © Josephine Wall






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