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Today I’ve got a manifestation exercise to share with you.  I invite you to do this exercise for yourself and keep a journal to record your results.  Don’t worry – this isn’t hard work.  It’s fun!  However it does take a few minutes of your time, and it deserves your undivided attention.

Write it Down

manifestation exerciseTo start, pick up a journal or a notebook and a pen.  A piece of paper will be just fine if you don’t have a notebook or journal available, but remember that you will be recording your results, so it’s best to use a notebook or journal to begin with.

See It, Feel It

bora bora manifestationFirst, think of something that you know you want.  Something that gives you great happiness and pleasure to fantasize about having.  Be very clear in your mind about the feeling this gives you.  Imagine yourself in the scenario in which the manifestation of this item, person, lifestyle, situation, event, or circumstance has already occurred.  Use your mind’s eye to see it as if you are already living it.  For example, if your manifestation intent is for a trip to Bora Bora, then transform your surroundings in your mind’s eye to match the pictures you have seen of Bora Bora, or perhaps your own memories of having been there before.  Feel the sunshine on your skin, the breeze through your hair… watch the trees and buildings and whatever else is presently surrounding you transform into blue lagoons, palm trees, green mountains, bungalows on the water, and whatever else catches your fancy about Bora Bora.  Imagine that you are walking down one of those long decks to your own bungalow.  Whatever it is that your manifestation wish is for, imagine yourself in that scenario right now, and see the surroundings around you of what it looks like, and more importantly, feel as you would feel if you were living that scenario at this very moment.  Let yourself feel the pleasure, the joy, the satisfaction, the gratitude, excitement, and whatever else you would feel.

Breathe It

breathing meditation in manifestationNext, close your eyes and take a long, deep breath, into your belly, through your nose.  Exhale slowly through your nose, and allow your muscles to relax as you exhale.  Feel your muscles loosening up, from the top of your head, your face, your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, chest, back, belly, hips, thighs, knees, calves, feet, toes – consciously feel your muscles relax on the exhale.  Repeat the inhale and the relaxing exhale twice.

Place your hands over your heart center, and take a deep breath into your heart center.  Slow, steady, just be aware of your heart.  Continue to feel the excitement, happiness and gratitude over what you are manifesting, as if you are already experiencing it.  Slowly exhale the joy you feel, as if your breath gives your thoughts physical reality.  Stay in the feeling.

Go Deeper

Next, go even deeper.  Ask yourself what this manifestation would give you.  What is it that you’re really after?  Is it a sense of freedom?  Peace?  Joy?  Love?  Success?  Whatever state of Being it is that this manifestation enhances for you, identify it.  And tell yourself:  I am already that.  It is already done.  And feel it in your heart, because it is the actual Truth.  Know it.  You don’t need the manifestation to occur in order to feel what it is you’re really aiming for.  The trick is to feel it first.  Know it, without the dependency of any circumstance outside you to occur.  This part of the manifestation experience is very important, so make sure that you give this part of it the focus and attention it deserves.

Once you are feeling it, write it down in your journal.  All the details of what you visualized, what you imagined, what you felt, and remember to include your  gratitude as you affirm yet again, by your own hand in writing, “I am already that.  It is already done.”  And feel the Truth of it.

Plan it Out

Next, from this space of feeling and being, let your ideas come to you. Ask yourself, “what is my next step towards this?” And write out in your journal what you can do towards your goal. Using the Bora Bora example, you might start making a task list. “Get my passport renewed.” And “decide what to pack to bring with me.” “Decide who’s coming with me.” Just write out what occurs, and then, in your physical body, take each step as you create the opportunity to do so. Make it a habit to do whatever step you can do on a daily basis towards your manifestation.

Let Go for your Manifestation to Occur

let go for manifestation to occurLastly, let go.  Let go of the need for the manifestation to occur, but keep the feeling of it, that it already has.  Remember, it’s the feeling that the manifestation gives you – that’s what it is you’re really after – and you don’t need anything outside you to happen in order for you to feel the feeling of that which you already are.  So let go and let the Universe go to work for you.  You don’t need to know the when and the how.  All you need is the feeling.  This part is also crucial:  LET GO.  In other words, don’t start telling yourself that it hasn’t happened, what’s taking so long, and start feeling stress or frustration over it.  That’s how you get in your own way and keep the Universe from delivering to you.  When you start thinking that way, you build an energetic wall around yourself that keeps you from receiving – it’s your belief that it has not occurred yet that keeps you from the manifestation of your own intent.  Let go and allow, not from the place of needing, but rather from the place of Knowing who you really are:  You are already everything you could ever desire, with no need for any external change to happen in order for you to feel the Love that you already are.

Take as little as five minutes or as many minutes as you want to do this manifestation exercise as often as you just want to feel good.  Remember to watch for synchronicities that begin to occur as the result of your manifestation exercises.  Keep track in your journal of opportunities that arise, of new people and contacts you meet.  Say yes to the opportunities that come from this, and take action when you feel it is in alignment with your intent.


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