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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness directs us to the animal kingdom.  Our friends have important messages for us, and we need only listen and pay attention to our animal friends who share Earth with us.  Whatever it takes for you to connect with animals today, Collective Consciousness urges us to do so.  Do you have any pets?  Spend extra time with them.  Ask them for their messages, and then quiet your mind and pay attention to what pops into your awareness.  Can you go to an animal shelter and spend some time with the animals there?  Donate your time or some money or food or toys, or adopt a pet.  Go out for a walk in nature, and connect with the birds and the squirrels.  Get involved with protecting wildlife.  Today is a day for us to listen to the animals and then give them their voice by sharing their message with others.


There is also an urging to let go of the past.  If your beloved pets have made their transition, and you find yourself still holding on and your heart closed to having another pet due to the pain of their loss, the guidance for you today is to let go so that you can open your heart to another.  Whatever attachment or bond you have had, which no longer serves you – it is time to let it go.  Move forward with love and gratitude in your heart for the time you had together.  While it may not always seem so, your loved ones are even closer to you now than they were when you could hold them in your arms.  You now hold them in your heart.  They are assuring you that there is infinite room in your heart still – room for another cherished one to make its way to you.  If you are feeling that urge to have another pet, today is the day to make that decision and move forward.  There is a Divine arrangement being made for you right now.  Rest assured that this is an important soul connection.  Your new pet will help you to open your heart again and let go of the past, so that you may create a new future – one that is no longer based on past beliefs and expectations, but rather a whole new perspective.  One that starts right now.


And on that note – today is also a day for seeing clearly.  A new clarity is switching on for you, like a light switch turned on.  Pay very close attention to this.  When an insight occurs to you, write it down so that you remember it.  The truth of the situation you’ve been working out is about to hit you, so note your insights, and approach your problem from your new perspective.  Remember to spend time with the animals because they are telling you right now about this new perspective – something that they see and know, which you have not.  They are sharing this with you right now.  Pay very close attention.  Look up to the sky.  Perhaps there is an eagle or a hawk, right at this moment, looking down and seeing the bigger picture.  Just see your situation from those eyes.  Ask them to show you what they are seeing, and then clear your mind and observe.  It’s a very, very happy outcome for you, once you approach this issue from your new and clear point of view.  Remember to thank the animals today for their guidance, wisdom, and unconditional love.


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