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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness comes across like a giant green light, a racing flag waved, a gunshot into the sky.  The message is: GO!  Go now!  This is not a time for playing it safe – put your foot on that gas pedal and go!  Pedal to the metal!  Take those curves at full speed.  Move forward at full throttle.  Be bold, adventurous.  Take some risks.  There’s a wild side to you that’s been stuffed down, repressed, hidden from further pain and suffering, but it’s time to let that wild child out now and celebrate.


What is it that you would really like to do, but you have felt it was too risky?  Well now is the time to throw safety to the wind and take that risk.  Understand that past trauma has been the mud you’ve been stuck in.  It’s kept you still and safe, but stuck and stagnating.  There is a past life memory that’s surfacing now – another lifetime in which you dared to do the very thing you want to do now.  The terror you feel is from another lifetime when you dared to take the risk and failed.  This time around, you feel petrified, but you need to get past this.  It’s an important part of your life purpose to dare to do what you could only dream of.  You can do it!  You are not here to be controlled by past life tragedies or even traumas from your childhood in this life.  You are here to heal them, conquer them, and to be true to yourself.  You are here to love yourself and to be free.  You are limitless.


If you feel limited now due to external circumstances which prevent you from making that bold move, you are encouraged to engage your creative side to move the energy.  Use your imagination to create a reality in which you are that bold, unlimited God-Source Being that you know you truly are.  See yourself taking that risk and succeeding.  See yourself flying.  Ask yourself, what would my reality look like right now, if all my problems were solved and my life was perfect?  Envision that reality, feel it with every fiber of your being, and open your mouth and sing.  Sing it into reality.  Use your breath and your voice in sacred chant to give energy to your envisioned reality.  Celebrate and dance.  Use your body to give energy to your envisioned reality.  Listen to music to evoke your emotions, and use your body to express those emotions in movement and dance.  Feel your body while you hear the music.  Allow the music to spark your creative thoughts and new ideas, and then put them into action.  Perhaps it’s as simple as making a call or sending a message to someone?


Celebrate yourself.  Be kind and loving to your body.  Engage your senses and delight in your body’s ability to feel.  Wear something bold and stand out from the crowd.  Take the risks.  Be the adventure.  If you find you just can’t make yourself take that bold step yet, then learn more about your past lifetimes – go to a regression therapist to learn more about the past lifetime that is affecting you now, so that you may understand what holds you back and resolve those repressed memories in your DNA now, so you can move forward and be the limitless God-Source Being that you are.  If it’s something from your childhood, then seek out a therapist or a coach (like me, for example 🙂 who can help you to uncover those old beliefs about yourself that keep you stuck, and let them go.  It’s time to open up, unleash your bold, daring, adventurous wild child, and celebrate all that you are, all that is life, and become the powerful, Divine alchemist that you are.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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