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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness sounds more like a knock at the door.  Knock knock!  Who’s there?  Opportunity!  You have been making excellent choices in your life, which have brought you to this point.  Now it’s time to make another choice.  The energy of today’s message feels congratulatory, and even celebratory.  Be proud of yourself!  You are recognized, respected, and in demand.  Your recent change in perception towards yourself has opened you up like a blossoming flower and has mended your broken wings.  It’s time for you to fly.  Will you?


Remember that you always have a choice.  How you see and react to the world you see around you is always your choice.  Nobody can force you to see things a certain way.  You must choose how you see life.  Not just when things are going well.  Especially when things don’t look so great outside you.  Remember to keep making the choices you have been making about how you feel about yourself.  You have committed to loving and accepting yourself unconditionally.  Keep that up, no matter what goes on in your outer world.  Keep following your heart’s desires.  Keep your heart open and trust in the strength of your joy and passion.  Trust in the strength of your Love for yourself, and from your Self.


Expect miracles to happen in your life.  Regard everything as a miracle.  Even yourself.  Look in the mirror and know that you are looking at a miracle.  Start paying attention to signs around you, synchronicities, “coincidences” – these are all happening to remind you of the miracle that you are, and that you are to expect more.  Follow your intuition, because this is how you connect with all that you have asked for.  Your intuition guides your way to the miracles that are waiting for you.


Keep choosing wisely.  Be proud of yourself.  You have done well!


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Art © Josephine Wall




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