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If I were to ask you who you are, how would you define yourself?  Would you identify yourself as your ego?  Do you base your opinion and definition of yourself on outer circumstances?  For example, do you think that you are what you do, as opposed to who you are?

Re-wire your egoIt’s very common – in fact, it’s considered “normal” to define ourselves based on labels given to us that define what we do while we’re here.  But those labels don’t define who we actually are.  You might think you are a doctor, a lawyer, a mother or a father… you might think you’re rich or you’re broke… you might think you’re a failure or a success.  But none of those things are actually true about who you are.  Those are the things you do while you’re here.  Those labels are all part of the ego.

Being and doing are not to be confused.  We are not to define ourselves by what we do.  We’re not to base our self-worth on what we perceive outside us.  We’re not to believe that we are our body or our ego.  To do that is to deny our very essence – the Truth of Who We Are, and to create a whole lot of suffering while we’re at it.  I know you’re wondering why we do this.  We define ourselves by what we do in the outer world because we’ve forgotten Who We Really Are and believed we were the ego instead.

Meditation bypasses the egoSo who are we, really?  The only way to know that for certain is to go into your Heart and ask for Truth.  Meditate regularly on a daily basis.  Simply become the observer of your thoughts.  Don’t try to quiet your mind, but rather, invite the thoughts to come and reveal themselves to you.  The ego will “speak.”  Do not judge any thought that comes up; do not resist any thought or emotion or feeling that comes to your attention.  They’re there for a reason:  they’re part of your ego-mind which is there to tell you what strange beliefs it has so that you can get to the bottom of them and let them go.  What sort of strange beliefs might your ego-mind be trying to tell you about?  Well, for starters, it could be that your ego-mind is trying to tell you that your belief that says “I am broke,” for example, is a great big fat lie.  And that would be correct.

How is it possible that you might perceive the lacking of finances in the outer world and “know” it for a fact based on your monthly bills and bank statements, and yet say that being broke is a lie?  Because “broke” is not who you are.  But it was the ego’s idea that you believed in and therefore reflected back to you in your outer reality.  It’s simply a circumstance that you created by believing in it.  So stop believing in it.  Stop defining yourself by your outer circumstances.  Stop defining yourself as your ego and your beliefs.  Ego and beliefs are what we have, not what we are.  Meditate – go into your Heart – and remember Your Self – Your TRUE Self.  You are the very opposite of broke.  You are, in fact, True Wealth.  Stop telling yourself that you’re something that you’re not.  It is only the programmed, distorted and unhealed ego which would like for you to believe that you are so much less than you really are.

Re-wire your egoWhen you look in your bathroom mirror and see a reflection of a pasty-faced tired person with bags under your eyes, do you pull out some make-up and doll up the mirror?  Of course not!  You realize that the person looking back at you is your reflection.  You put some make-up on yourself, or better yet, you get your body some rest, sunshine, proper nutrition, healthy movement, and abundant hydration.  It’s the same with life.  The difference is that we are born into a universe that is a great big reflection of our own beliefs and programs – we come into this life knowing this, but we forget it with our conscious minds – so we think the outer world is reality and that we are the ego, when it’s really all just the reflection of what we believe about ourselves.  It’s all smoke and mirrors.

To re-wire your ego is to stop believing in what you see in the outer world as your circumstances, and realize that your outer reality is simply the reflection of what you projected by way of your subconscious filters – your beliefs, emotions, thought patterns, desires, values, strategies, words, actions – your ego-mind’s programming.  Change the programming, and your outer reality begins to reflect back something different.  Re-wire your ego by acknowledging what it’s telling you, accepting it without attachment or resistance or judgment, and then by reminding yourself of the Truth of Who You Are.  And then, let go of the illusions.  Once you remember Who You Really Are, you don’t need those old illusions anymore.  Let them go with gratitude and appreciation for the lessons you learned from them.  You don’t reject your ego-mind.  You simply re-wire your ego and allow it to continue to create an outer reality for you based on Truth, rather than the misguided belief that outer reality determines who you are, and not vice-versa.

I know you’re wondering exactly how this all works, so I encourage you to read my book, “The Space Between – An Inspirational Tale of the Journey out of the Ego-Mind and into Spirit,” or schedule coaching sessions with me to learn how to discover your own subconscious beliefs and re-wire your ego.

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