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elusive resultsCan you imagine pouring your heart and soul into doing something that you’re so passionate about, all excited to be sharing your special gift with the world, only to come up empty-handed when it’s all done, and the results you wanted and expected are completely elusive?  Don’t have to imagine it because you’ve been there, or perhaps, that’s what’s frustrating you right now?  Are you ready to throw up your hands, give up, and quit?  If you’re at the breaking point, perhaps this will be of some help to you.  Keep reading.

“I’m doing everything right and no results to show for it.  Nobody cares.”

sobbing, not the results you were looking forYou’ve read all the inspirational quotes made by others who have also experienced heartache in their endeavors.  You’ve read self-help books, you’ve meditated, you’ve bent over backwards trying to get those results that have eluded you.  You’ve gone on special diets, heck, you’ve even stripped naked, jumped up and down, and done cartwheels and hand springs and splits and back flips trying to get attention, recognition and appreciation… and all for… what?  Hey, I know what it’s like.  We’ve all been there.  That’s supposed to make you feel better, to know you’re not alone.  But even knowing that you’re not alone in this doesn’t always make you feel better, does it?  You still feel all alone and heartbroken when nobody notices, nobody cares, nobody appreciates all the passion you’ve put into your work and shared with them.  You still feel very upset when those external results you set your heart on don’t show up for you.

But is that really true?  “Yes, it’s true,” you say!  “If it wasn’t true, I’d have the results!  I’d have evidence of other people’s gratitude and appreciation!  I see no evidence of that, so it must be true that nobody cares, and people are just a bunch of lousy ingrates, all stuck in their own little worlds, too busy with their own little lives to recognize the value I offer, and I’m angry!  Mad, mad, mad!  To hell with them all, I quit!”

You’re not alone in those sentiments either.  And it’s okay to admit those thoughts and feelings to yourself – to acknowledge them.  It’s much better than suppressing and denying them.  Take a little while and recognize your ego’s need and desire for recognition and approval – go ahead and lick those wounds, because that’s how they heal.  And then, let it go and get over it.  Don’t wallow in your misery for longer than necessary by holding onto the illusion that nobody cares.

Illusion?  Yes, illusion.  Just because you don’t see the external evidence of something or the results you’ve attached yourself to, that does not make your belief the truth.  You don’t know who’s watching, and you don’t know what kind of a difference you’ve made in someone’s life, perhaps silently, because they never told you.  You don’t know what results you’ve actually had!  And just because someone doesn’t tell you how much they appreciate you and value you, it doesn’t mean that nobody cares.  It just means that you perceived a filtered version of reality – a skeleton version – based on the data that you allowed into your awareness, and data that you filtered out – and formed a thought which turned into a belief, and chose to create your reality through that filter.  And filtered reality is not the truth.

WHY  Are You Doing What You Are Doing?

for the joy of doing or for external results?Stop basing your happiness and satisfaction on external results.  Ask yourself WHY you are doing what you’re doing.  Is all of this just for the approval of others?  Are you basing all your joy and happiness on your external results?  If so, then ask yourself why you began doing what you’re doing in the first place.  And be honest with yourself!  Could you do what you’re doing simply for the joy of it?  Could you do what you do just because you love it, and continue to do it, even if no one else ever noticed or appreciated it?  If not, consider whether or not you’re really doing what you feel in your Heart.  Maybe it’s time to consider what you would rather do – what you would do just for the joy of it.  If so – if you’re already engaging from your Heart’s true desire, then I’d like to share this with you.

When I’ve gotten to that point of frustration with my own perceptions of results lacking, I’ve had some help from guides and angels.  I’d like to share that with you, because it always helps me.  Here’s what they told me:

Do it because you LOVE it.

Do it to express Who You Are.

Do it simply for the JOY of it.

Remember whose approval it is that you’re really after.  It’s not the approval of other egos.  If someone else approves, see it as simply more to be happy about and grateful for.

Do it simply because it’s Who You Are.

Let the world fade to gray.  Stop looking for what you want out there.  Go into your Heart, and remember that you already are everything you could ever desire.  Go to your Heart, where Source Is, for you are always appreciated and recognized and Loved by Source.  That’s whose approval you’re really ultimately after.  Do from your Being.  Your Being is Joy, Love, and the Peace of God.  There is no “out there” out there, so close your eyes, let the world fade to gray, and create something anew from the state of your True Being.

the results you want are actually in your state of beingSo can you shut out the outer world for a little while and just do what you do from your Heart?  Can you just focus on the joy you feel in doing what you do, without letting external disappointments get the best of you?  Can you let the world fade to gray for a little while, as you focus on doing from your True state of Being, which is Joy?  Can you stop believing that the outer reality you perceive dictates your joy and satisfaction, and do what you do as if you’re the only person in the world, and love and appreciate it as such?  Can you look for the results you want in your state of Being – JOY – rather than something outside you?  Can you take your focus off of external results and allow your True State of Being to shine through, and enjoy the doing of what you do – and then just observe what changes about your external results?

“Whatsoever you do, do it from the heart, as to the Lord, and not to men.” ~Colossians 3:23

Whatever it is you’re doing, do it in Joy.  Believe, no matter what, no matter what you “see” in your outer reality, as far as your “results” go, that you already DO have the results that you want. Believe it until you KNOW it, regardless of what you perceive as your outer reality.  What we create in outer reality is always, always, always the result of what we believe to the point of knowing.  So choose your beliefs wisely.  Don’t let anyone else dictate what you create.  Go ahead and take a short break, call it quitting, lick your wounds, and let it go.  Change your subconscious filters and let different data into your awareness.  Come back and do it again, but this time, do it from your Heart.  Don’t let your outer reality fool you.  Embrace the Joy of Doing, which comes from the Truth of your Being.

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