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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness tells us that we need to pay attention to staying balanced and grounded while we move through the chaos.  There’s a lot going on that can cause us to become ungrounded and to lose our balance, whether its our own ego struggling with what we see, or other people’s energies and drama sucking us in.  Stay focused on what you’re feeling at all times, and whenever you feel any sort of discomfort, remember to withdraw and take stock of the thoughts that are running through your mind.


For example, you may be struggling with material prosperity, and every time you find yourself in a good place with your thoughts and focus, a certain family member starts throwing around fear-based scenarios based on a firm belief in lack.  How do you handle it?  Do you get caught up in the drama and the story and start to feel unhinged and sink down into the fear of going without food and shelter?  Do you look around at others who are manifesting their dreams, while you feel betrayed by life and left behind, wondering why your own ship doesn’t come in?  Remember:  every time you say yes to your desire for material prosperity and wealth, all your beliefs in lack come up to the surface for you to deal with.  If you don’t realize this is happening, you believe in your own programs and see lack everywhere in your own life, and abundance in everyone else’s… and the universe will absolutely send you people to reinforce these ideas your subconscious believes in – as a favor!


Yes, it’s absolutely a blessing when someone comes along who reflects our fears back to us so that we can see just what beliefs we are still holding onto, which are in opposition to the desire we sent out to the universe to fulfill for us.  The Truth of the matter is that there is no lack.  Everything exists in abundance.  There is another reality in existence in which you have everything you want.  It is only your belief in lack which serves as interference blocking the frequency you need only tune into.  When we let our egos or other people convince us that lack exists, that becomes our focal point instead of the abundance we desire.  So it is imperative that we stay balanced, grounded, and centered right now so that we are not deceived and taking part in poverty consciousness and fear-based thinking.


Remember to go into your Heart space, where your beautiful Truth exists – the reality you dream of with all your Heart’s desire.  Ground yourself in that reality, and assist the grounding process by taking a walk in nature, breathing in deeply, and drinking sufficient pure water.  Remember to give yourself time for your dreams to come true.  Don’t lose hope and faith during the transformation period.  Remember to look for the beauty amidst the chaos as the world shifts all around you – reflecting back the shift that has occurred within you.


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