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It’s wonderful to spend time in our imagination, building our dreams, letting our desires paint a picture of a life beyond our wildest notions.  However the day comes when it’s time to give those dreams wings with which to fly.  Today is such a day.  It’s time to get our heads out of the clouds, feet planted firmly on the ground, and get busy taking all those steps we need to take so that Spirit can make all those connections in the ethers for our dreams to take form in this reality.  As I tune into the energy of the collective consciousness today, I sense that many of us are dreaming (or worrying) about the future, attached to certain outcomes, holding on so tightly that our dreams actually begin to stagnate, while they are meant to fly.  Many of us are also stuck in our pasts, and creating from a point of fear that our tragic pasts will happen again in our future.  The past was also meant to be let go.


Today’s message from Spirit is guiding us to be present now.  Get back to your daily tasks.  Rejoice in the mundane.  Put away your dreams for a little while, and busy yourself in the present moment.  Yesterday is always over, and tomorrow is always coming.  All you really have is now, so make it your best friend, and rejoice in whatever the present moment is giving you.  Give your imagined reality – your dreams and goals and desires – to Spirit.  Give it to your guides and your angels.  It’s kind of like a gift – you’ve packed it up, wrapped it up, and given it to them to deliver to physical reality.  If you keep taking back the package and unwrapping it, opening it up, they can never complete their task of delivering it for you.  This is the time to let it go and embrace all the steps you need to take on your end.


To illustrate, I share a personal story from a few years ago, about the time I lost my cat.  He was a teenage cat, and he’d lived indoors for his whole life.  One day he got out, and I couldn’t find him anywhere.  He was gone for three days and two nights, and I felt sick.  Just devastated.  Only 2% of lost cats ever make it home, statistically, and we were surrounded by acres of land and woods, and lots of wildlife, including foxes and coyotes.  I was beside myself.  But I understood at that point how manifestation works.  I called in my intuitive friends and asked for their help, and together we envisioned my cat back in my home with me, as a master mind.  I envisioned him in front of me, eating his food, playing with his toys, meowing at me, and I imagined carrying him to bed with me as I did each night.  I made this vision so real, and felt it in my body, that I actually forgot he was lost while I held this vision.  I then opened my eyes, and got busy with the tasks I needed to complete in order to find him.  I made “lost cat” signs and hung them up all around the neighborhood, called the shelters and the police and the vets, put the word out, and then I got out into the fields and woods that surrounded my home and searched for him, day and night.  On the third day, I got a phone call from a neighbor nearly a mile away, who just happened to be home that day with her daughters, who just happened to be home from school, who just happened to turn her head at just the right moment to spot a cat running underneath her deck, and then just happened to answer the phone when her husband just happened to call her, and she just happened to mention to him about a cat running underneath their deck, and her husband just happened to see a sign posted on the telephone pole behind him as he backed out of their driveway to go to work that day – a sign about a lost cat.  There are no words that can sufficiently express my joy and relief to get that message from her when I came back from searching for my cat.  I got him back.


Manifestation is a process of dreaming it up, making it real in your mind – so real that you forget that there is any other reality – and then letting it go and getting busy taking your steps in the here and now.  The process works.  You’ve just got to get out of the future and the past, and give your dreams their wings to fly, and rejoice in the mundane – the daily tasks of life and all the physical steps you need to take so that your guides and angels can connect it all for you behind the scenes.


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