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You Are Love.  Your True Being, your essence, who you really are, your Higher Self – at your core, you are True, unconditional Love.  You have come to know yourself as a human, within your body in a 3D world.  Because the vibrational frequencies in this dense realm must slow down to solidify and appear as solid matter, we have only been able to embody so much of our True Self.  This gives the sensation of being cut off from our Higher Self, from our Source, and many of us find it challenging to “hear” the guidance from our Higher Self, as well as our guides and our angels.  Once in a while, we might find ourselves in a state of Love, joy, and nonresistance, and the guidance flows in like a river.  This is what Spirit would like to remind us of today.  Let Love raise your frequency, so that you may remain open to your Higher guidance.


Tuning into the collective consciousness, I sense quite a bit of looking to the outer illusory world for proof, confirmation, and validation that we’re moving in the right direction for creating what we want.  But it’s important to remember that everything is energy – various frequencies of energy – and what you look out at today in your outer reality is the product of your own past creations through different filters than the ones you look through today.  It’s also the product of various co-creations with the human (and other) collective, also made through filters which have different blockages and motivations behind them.  The outer world is smoke and mirrors appearing solidified into what we’ve been programmed to believe is “the real world.”  We forget that “the real world” is that which is within ourselves.  True Reality is our consciousness and our imagination.  True Reality is that which we are beyond these bodies we inhabit – and that is always Love.  When we use our imagination based on the belief that the outer world is the real world, we tend to create from a space of fear, doubt, and worry – projecting past traumas onto what we mean to create.  In essence, we create through filters or lenses that are clouded with lower frequencies, which then become embedded in our manifestations.  This is why we get mixed results and so often wonder why our guidance doesn’t seem to work.  It’s not that our guidance didn’t work.  It’s that we looked to the outer world to validate our steps, rather than to our Source for proof, and believed the outer reality instead of our Heart, because we’ve been taught that believing in what the outer world shows us is easier than having faith in our inner Truth.


The outer world is a reflection.  That’s all it is.  It shows you what fears and traumas and shame, guilt, anger – what lower vibrational beliefs and emotions you’re solidifying, or filtering through.  You have it within you to stop believing in what the outer world appears to be, and focus on seeing the world through Love instead.  Instead of looking at the ugliness you see, and judging it, perhaps imagine changing your lens to the pink compassion lens, and look at each other through that instead.  Like putting on those rose colored glasses and seeing what’s beautiful about each other.  What if you could see all of humanity as One beating heart?  What if you could bless everyone you see, no matter what, and Love them unconditionally?  What if you decided to let every word you speak to another be spoken from your Heart, from a place of Love?  What if you could remind others that they, too, are Love?  In letting Love raise your frequency, you model for others also how to let Love raise their frequency as well.  You are that powerful.  Take some time today and put on those Love lenses, and notice what a different world you see.  The more you can let Love raise your frequency, the more of your Higher Self, your guides and your angels, and your Source, you allow into your consciousness, into your body, and into your manifestations.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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