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“What!?  What do you mean?  Beautiful rut?  Beautiful rut!?  What on Earth are you talking about?  This isn’t beautiful at all.  It’s mean and nasty and has me stuck, and I want out! Now! Now now now!  Beautiful? What are you, nuts?”

Sound familiar? Of course you must be wondering how in the world the words “beautiful” and “rut” could fit into the same sentence, much less side-by-side where one word describes the other.  So I’ll explain.  Believe it or not, this is one of the most important things you’re ever going to learn in your life.

If you’re stuck in a rut, it’s because you have personally dug yourself into it.  Yes, sometimes we might get stuck in a rut of someone else’s making, but that’s only because we’ve chosen to come along for the ride, and we can walk out of theirs at any time by leaving the situation.  Today I’m writing about your rut.  The one that you dug yourself into – that mean old nasty rut that you want to get out of so much.

stuck in a rutCould you just imagine for a minute that you are physically in your rut?  Close your eyes – or keep them open if that works for you – and just imagine that you are really observing it.  What does it look like?  How big is it?  Is it a little rut that has sucked your foot into it?  Is it more like a trench all around you?  How big is this rut you’re in?  Just observe without judgment.

What Are You Getting Out of Your Rut?

Now you’re going to ask yourself the hard question.  The question that forces you to be very, very honest with yourself, because this is what is actually going to help you to get out of your rut. Please ask yourself now:  “What am I getting out of being in this rut?”  In other words, there is actual beauty in your rut that you must acknowledge in order to get out of it.  So what is the beauty in your rut?  What is it giving you?  I assure you, it is giving you something that you intensely desire, or else you would not be sticking around in your rut.

Take a moment and just look at your rut without resisting it, without judging it.  Simply observe.  Look for its beauty.  Appreciate it.  Why did you create it?  What is it there for?  I’ll give you a hint:  it’s all about protection and safety.  Your rut is there to protect you from something.  If you stop resisting it for a moment and simply appreciate its beauty, you can determine what it is that you’re afraid of so much that you unconsciously feel you need to stay stuck in your rut to protect you from it.

If you’d like help in digging in and finding out what it is that’s got you digging ruts for protection, please contact me for a session.  Getting to your core issues and soul lessons is my specialty.  Let me help you get out of your rut.

So go ahead and allow  yourself to acknowledge that there is indeed beauty in your rut.  Once you stop judging and resisting it, you can appreciate how it’s not only been holding you back, but that it has also been helping you as well.  Once you’re ready to confront and let go of the root fear, you can simply give thanks to your beautiful rut and step right out of it, without any further need of it to keep you safe and protected.


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