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I may not know you personally.  You and I may not have ever crossed paths before.  You may love being here, or you may detest everything I share with you.  You might be my best friend, or even my soul mate… or you might see me as your mortal enemy.  But there is one thing that remains, regardless of it all, and that is that I Honor You, I thank You, and I Love You.

Consistently I teach that we are whole and complete within ourselves, that we need not look outside ourselves for Love or completion.  And that is True.  In the past I have used that Truth to cut myself off from others.  And that was an abuse of Truth.  Why?  Because in Truth, we are also gifts to each other.  We need each other.  How is it that we need each other then, if Truth is that we are whole and complete within ourselves?  The reason for this is because we exist multi-dimensionally.  Underneath all the layers of form, separation, and ego that we have been taught to identify ourselves as, we actually are all the same One.  We just don’t remember this consciously… at least, most of us do not.  At the level of the Soul, we actually Love each other with an intensity that transcends our basic comprehension of Love.  As Souls, beyond and between these physical incarnations, we make agreements, or contracts, with each other, to serve each other in these lifetimes in some way, to deliver lessons to each other for the benefit of our Souls’ evolution.  In making these contracts, we also agree to whatever karma there may be for delivering these lessons to each other.  Often these lessons are joyful – such gifts of Love – such incredibly beautiful portals to Love each and every person is.  And often, these lessons are intensely painful.

While we’re here in physical form, it seems impossible that someone who hurts us so very much is actually doing it out of Love, at the level of the Soul.  But I assure you that this is the case.  Hence, our job is to Remember Truth – and Truth is Light, Truth is Love, Truth is Forgiveness.  Truth is to ask yourself, whenever someone hurts you, “what is the lesson in this for me?  This pain bears a tremendous gift.  What is this gift for me?”  And then open your Heart, because the tendency is to cut yourself off and build up a wall around your Heart to protect it from further pain – but this is the opposite of Truth.  Your Heart is impervious and needs no protection.  It is only the ego that believes it needs protection because the ego denies the Truth of Who You Really Are.  Your Heart is the Source of your infinite Love and Wisdom, the Source of your Truth, the portal from which Spirit flows and extends God’s Love.  When you wall up around your Heart, you cut Spirit off from not only others, but also yourself.  And you need Spirit flowing through you if you have any desire at all to live a joyful, happy, healthy and loving life.

The thing is – Spirit flows through all of us.  And when you’re blocked off from your own Source, Spirit will still find a way to get through to you.  That is what Spirit does.  Spirit delivers Source message and guidance to us at all times.  Just because we might not be listening doesn’t mean that message is not being transmitted and beamed to you every single moment of every single day.  And if you are not listening to your own Heart, then Spirit will come through another Soul to give you the message you need.  There may be a book that mysteriously materializes on your doorstep one day.  You may receive a phone call from someone, out of the blue, who says something to you that is exactly the right thing you needed to hear.  Someone may say or do something hurtful to you that triggers you into a thought that you suddenly become aware of, which leads to a great revelation and breakthrough.  You may open up your internet browser to search for an answer to something and find something that someone else has written or channeled – and your Heart leaps when you realize what the answer or lesson has been for you.  These are all the gifts of each other.

The gift of each otherWhen you are holding onto a grievance that is blocking your flow, in connecting with others you are allowing Spirit to deliver the messages you need.  And vice versa – when you open your Heart to others, regardless of what you might be holding onto as blockages, you are also allowing Spirit to come through you, to deliver what messages others need.  Have you ever comforted someone, somehow managing to say just the right thing, without intending to or knowing how you said it or where it came from?  That’s Spirit.  That is you opening up your Heart and allowing Spirit to deliver a much needed message to someone who has cried out for Love and assistance, who was not able to hear Spirit’s message from his or her own Heart.  Do you realize what an honor and service that is?  And you weren’t even trying.  Yet you fulfilled a Soul Contract with another You, and helped another to evolve along his or her Soul’s journey.  And in providing this Divine assistance to another, you have also progressed along your own Soul’s journey because, ultimately, we are all the very same One.  If you cut yourself off from others out of fear of being hurt, then how can you be there for others to serve as a trigger or a catalyst for their evolution – which is also Yours?

Anger blocks Love.  When you hold onto anger, you block the very Love that means to be extended to all others.  When others hurt us, the tendency is to judge them and absolutely refuse to forgive.  The notion that that horrible person is “another you” can be enough to make you want to wretch.  Acknowledge those thoughts and feelings.  Honor them.  Don’t resist or judge your own thoughts or feelings.  Observe them without conditions or attachment or resistance or judgment.  And then remember that all we say and do is part of a bigger picture.  The bigger picture is Love.  Give your thoughts and feelings and your judgments over to Spirit.  Trade them in for Faith that there is a lesson for you in the hurt, there is a treasure for you in the pain, and that your own Soul is freed even more each time you remember to forgive.  And this includes forgiving yourself if you have been the one to hurt another.  Trust that you have fulfilled a Soul contract with that person, and forgive yourself.  And each time you remember to forgive, you release the blockages that allow Spirit to flow even more freely to yourself and all others.  You also begin to remember Who You Really Are.

Forgiving doesn’t mean that what another did to hurt you is okay.  Forgiving means that you recognize that it never really happened because you are not your body, and you are not your ego.  To hold something against another is to hold it against yourself; to hold something against yourself is to hold it against all others, because in Truth we are all the same One.  Forgiving means that you stop fighting Your Self and live as Love.  It’s really okay to let yourself be vulnerable, open your Heart and let yourself feel the gift of each other.  Affirm daily:  I am safe and protected because I am in God and God is in me.  I am safe and protected because we are all One.  I allow Love to flow freely, to receive Love from Source and extend it to all others, regardless of what my senses perceive.  I accept joyfully and appreciate the gift of each other.

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