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How much of what you believe is actually the truth?  How much of what you accept as “fact” actually and truly is fact?  Is Truth important to you in your life?  How willing are you to get to Truth and see it?  Are you willing to go through the discomfort of challenging not only the beliefs of your family and peers and society – but also your very own?  Are you willing to say, “I could be wrong, and it’s OK” – and mean it?

What do you believe?  Are you sure you believe it?  Why do you believe what you believe?  Because the media tells you it’s true?  Or because scientists do some sort of test and say, “yes, this is truth, it is a fact…”?  Because your parents or teachers told you so?  Because your friends say that something is truth?  Or religious leaders?  How much of what you think is truth do you actually question?

JFK Enemy of TruthThe great enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

~ John F. Kennedy

Today, why not call to mind something that you have always considered to be truth – something that’s important to you.  And challenge that belief.  Go into your Heart and ask yourself, “is this really true?  Or is this just a belief I adopted without ever really questioning?  What would my Soul have me believe about this?”  And then listen.  Listen to your Heart, listen to your Soul, pay attention to your body.  When something other than truth is addressed, your body will communicate with you, and uncomfortable kinesthetic feelings – as well as emotions – are brought to your attention.  Indeed, this is why we find it so uncomfortable to question and challenge our own beliefs.  The ego hates being wrong.  But when Truth is your mission and passion, it is a process that must be undertaken.

“Being raised in that particular religion for my entire life, my whole identity had been wrapped up in those religious beliefs. So when I lost my faith in religion, I no longer had any idea at all about who I was. I began to question everything I had ever learned, everything I’d ever thought or felt or believed. I knew that the religion I’d believed in my whole life, that referred to itself as “The Truth,” was anything but The Truth. And if the religion wasn’t true, then which of my beliefs were true? I could trust none of them.

“It was at that time that I began to construct the person I would decide to be. I picked up the shattered shards in which I found myself and started all over. I had but one question, and this I asked of God, or anything that passed as God, as I no longer knew if I even believed in God or Jesus or the Bible or anything else, but I sensed there was some sort of very powerful intelligence beyond my own, whatever it was.

“So I asked this one question, and to this day I believe that it was in asking this question that my life changed forever. In three words, I asked what was to become the most important question of my life: WHAT IS TRUE? And after asking this question, I suddenly began to come across information I never would have imagined or believed that I could ever learn or even consider. I’d opened my mind to all possibilities at that point, not just what had previously supported my religious beliefs, as those were simply no more.”

~Patricia Reed, from The Space Between – An Inspirational Tale of the Journey out of the Ego-Mind and into Spirit, Chapter 2: Clues

The Truth is ever in your Heart.  All you need to do is to be willing to go within and ask.  Be willing to open your mind to listen.  Be willing to let yourself be wrong – for then, you may allow your Heart to remind you of the real Truth.


An Excerpt from The Space Between - Chapter 2 - Clues
The Gift of Each Other