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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is giving us warning about an approaching storm.  It may already be upon some of us.  Just as many places in the United States are currently bracing themselves for a nor’easter winter storm, we understand that is the reflection back to us of the storms brewing in our personal lives.  We are to be conscious of this without letting fear take over.  How would you prepare for a hurricane coming?  Perhaps you might evacuate your residence and travel to safer ground.  Perhaps you might fortify your house, board up your windows, get extra food and water and hunker down through it.  Perhaps you might shift your focus from the damage of the storm landing to instead correcting the imbalance and thus dissolving the storm before it makes landfall, or forming a mastermind together to move the path of the storm so that it heads safely out to sea.  But would you allow your fear of the storm to paralyze you?  Would you use your powerful mind’s focus to make the damage worse?  Think of your inner storm in the same way.  You can prepare for what is to come.  Perhaps you can even evacuate the situation.  You can definitely use your powerful mind to focus on solutions instead of damage.


A storm is energy.  It is a tremendous amount of energy!  The upcoming storm presents you with an immense opportunity to transform potential devastation into a whole new beautiful life.  There is creative energy within this for you to utilize to create the life you dream of.  All it takes is a change in focus.  If you indulge in your fear and let fear control your thoughts, you end up stuck in the devastation, and throwing away the opportunity to use this energy to power up the intensity of your desires.  But if you keep your focus on your desires, allowing your fear to instead be transformed into fuel for your desires, you can transform this storm into a whole new reality.


Take time to meditate, rest, and relax.  Tune into your higher self in meditation, and keep your focus on the bigger picture.  When the time for action comes, you will know just what to do.  At this time, we are asked to make meditation a priority, so that we may clarify the big picture of the life we wish to create.  Get it really clear in your mind, exactly what you want.  Formulate your plan.  Appreciate all that is, all who are here with you right now.  Be present now to the very best of your ability.  All that is now is ever changing.  Express your gratitude for those in your life right now.  Strengthen your connection with Spirit right now, with your God Self.  Make that your top priority now.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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