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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness reminds us that we are Divine and that we need to fully and unconditionally accept ourselves, no matter what we’re going through, no matter what emotions we’re feeling.  Sometimes we just don’t like ourselves much, particularly when we become irritable and perhaps snap at our loved ones out of impatience or anger.  In these moments when we’re feeling all these negative emotions, it’s important that we don’t self reject.  Remember to stop, take a deep, long breath, and exhale.  Search your Heart for your own essence.  You have your own frequency – the feeling that is you, through and through.  It can get buried underneath our frustrations, fears and tears, but it’s there.  It’s always there.  Search for it, reach for it, do whatever you need to do to connect with your own essence and feel it.  It’s OK if you feel angry.  Accept yourself and your anger.  It’s OK if you feel afraid.  Accept yourself and your fear.  It’s OK if you feel sad.  Accept yourself and your tears.  The more you accept yourself, the closer you get to your true essence.


Your Divine essence is beautiful beyond words.  It’s like a single unique flower in all the universe.  It is peace and calm, and also strength and fortitude.  Seek out beauty in your outer world, as this will help you to connect with the profound beauty of your own frequency.  See beauty when you look in the mirror, and speak about yourself and your body only in loving ways.  Think beautiful thoughts about yourself and your body as well.  Allow your essence to shine through.  Do something today that makes you feel as beautiful on the outside as you truly are on the inside, whether it’s buying some new piece of clothing to wear, or jewelry, or going to get your nails done or maybe even a facial at a spa.  Take a nature walk and connect with the beauty all around you.  Let yourself be surrounded by beauty today, and let your essence shine through you, so that you know that you are beauty.


There is a healing process happening within you right now.  Healing happens from the inside.  It comes from your Divine essence.  But it can be blocked by our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, so be aware of what you’re feeling at all times.  If you feel afraid, accept yourself and your fear.  If you feel ashamed, accept yourself and your shame.  Whatever it is you are feeling, accept yourself and your feelings.  And then change your focus.  Ask yourself, “what would my life look like if all my problems were solved?”  And instead of focusing on everything that is wrong and causing you to feel fear or shame or anger or guilt or sadness or whatever you’ve been feeling, focus instead on your ideal life.  See yourself living it.  Pretend, as if you are an actor putting on a show for an audience, and step into that role of you in your ideal life.  Feel it as if it already is.  Believe in that reality every bit as intensely as you believe in your past reality, because the reality you dream of is just as real.  You only need to bring it into your body.  You do that by feeling it.  This process takes your attention off of your problems, puts it instead on solutions, and allows your essence to fully shine through, unblocked, which allows for all healing to accelerate.


Remember today, and every day – no matter what is happening in your life, no matter how hard is what you’re going through, know that you are magnificently beautiful inside and out.  Accept yourself.  Think and speak loving thoughts and words about yourself and your body.  Get in touch with your own essence.  Feel for it in your Heart.  Focus on your solutions and your life as you would have it, and trust that a healing process is taking place from within you, including the healing of troublesome situations in your life.  And when all else fails, go take a walk in nature.  Earth Mother will always help to restore and replenish you.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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