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Feeling a little unfocused and scattered today?  Maybe some confusion going on?  A little spaced out, perhaps?  Well you’re not alone.  I’m picking up a lot of that today.  Walking into a room for something, and by the time you get there, you find yourself scratching your head, thinking, “what did I come in here for again?”  And so the guidance for today is to ground yourself – get back into your body!  Quiet your mind, get really still and silent, and just listen.  Find the Joy within you and let it fill you up as you stay grounded in your body.  Perhaps you’d like to consider using an essential oil blend to help you focus, or a Bach Flower Remedy, such as Clematis, to help you stay grounded today.  There are also crystals that can help you to stay grounded, such as hematite, red jasper, or smoky quartz.  It’s also a great day just to go take a walk in nature, being fully Present in your body and feeling each step you take.


Doesn’t it feel wonderful to take a deep breath in?  What about, when you pay attention to the bottoms of your feet, doesn’t it feel good – even a little ticklish – to really feel the blood flowing there and tingling a little as you bring your attention down to your feet?  How about your fingertips?  Today, play with quieting your mind and just bring your attention to your body – all the parts of your body – and notice what they feel like.  Imagine you can breathe air into not only your lungs, but also any other body part you feel like.  Wonder what it feels like to breathe air into your spine, for example, and then breathe in, imagining that the oxygen is going to your spine.  Got a place in your body that hurts?  Breathe into it.  Turn off the mind chatter as if you’re turning off the television or radio, and just let yourself observe how it feels to be fully inside your body, your Presence filling it up with your essence.  Let your body communicate with you.  Get into a joyful space within your Heart, and let that expand out from your Heart, all throughout your body, as you notice what Joy feels like inside your body.


Listen while you’re in the silence.  Listen for messages from your body.  Listen for messages from your Higher Self, your guides and your angels.  When you are grounded in your body, and your thoughts are silent, there are so many messages that have been waiting to be opened up by you.  Get out your journal and write down what comes to you.  You’ll feel very grateful for the guidance!


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