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Today I feel a collective urge to move forward and do – to take some action on something you’ve been wanting to do – along with feelings of “what is” keeping you from taking that step forward.  A bit of “I want to but…”  The desire to move forward is now becoming more overpowering than our fears, though, isn’t it!  When I asked Spirit for guidance on moving forward, this is the wisdom shared with me.


Act as if.  Act as if your present circumstance or outer reality isn’t a factor.  Pretend it’s not even there.  Let yourself shine and radiate as if you had already taken that step that you want to take.  Let yourself feel as if you had already done it.  How would you feel?  What is something that you would do if you had moved forward already?  Today the guidance is to feel within your mind and body as if you had already done what you are setting out to do.  Assume the role.  Act it out in your mind.  Whatever your outer circumstance looks like, make joy your priority today.  There is something that you can do that feels joyful.  Do you remember playing in your imagination when you were a child?  If there is something that you are itching to move forward with, but you feel you can’t because of health or money or responsibilities, then make it a priority today to take a time out and play in your imagination – imagining that you already did take that step forward.  What did you do?  How did it feel?  What was the result of taking that step forward?  Play that out in your imagination as if you are rehearsing it.  Act as if you already did it.


If you can physically take the step forward but find yourself blocked by a fear, then today is a day to face that fear and just do it.  Whatever fear is between you and having made that step forward, today look at that fear.  Just observe it.  Remind yourself that it’s just an illusion.  It’s just put there to ask you “are you sure you want what you think you want?”  If you are sure you want it, then your desire will overpower your fear.  So whatever it is that the fear is showing you, take that step forward anyway.  Act as if that fear was too insignificant to stop you.  Today let your desire and the joy that this accomplishment will give you be your radiance that shines out to the world.  You can do it!


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Art © Josephine Wall




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