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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness tells us that our requests have been received and accepted.  Your Higher Self is now working on your behalf to make all the necessary connections for your manifestation to appear.  You have successfully set your focus on your desire, and now it’s time to move on to the service you wish to give in whichever way keeps your vibration up in the happy frequencies.  Open now to the softness of your heart – the part of you that longs for peace and harmony.  You don’t need to swim against the current to make your wish come true.  Rather, surrender to the flow, and allow yourself to relax and float, fully trusting that it’s all good.  Look up at the sky and watch the clouds while you gently float to your destination, letting Earth Mother’s water caress and support you now.  Ease and gentleness are called for at this time.


Think of it all like gardening.  You’ve worked very hard at tilling the soil, planting the seeds, pulling out the weeds that would choke the new growth.  You’ve watered the soil and planted everything exactly where it will get exactly the right amount of sunshine and nutrients from the soil you’ve cultivated.  Now is the time to let it be, and trust that you have done everything necessary to grow your treasure.  Now it’s up to Earth Mother to do the rest, and you trust that Earth Mother will give those seeds everything they need to grow from here on out.  You mustn’t go digging your seeds up to check on them.  Time to forget about them and move on and live your life, so that you may allow the seeds to grow.  It’s time to let go, surrender, and trust.


It may feel like you spend all your time waiting around for your dreams to come true, and it feels so difficult to keep being patient and trusting and having faith.  Sometimes it seems impossible.  But that’s exactly where we dig up our seeds and delay the whole process – by attaching ourselves to the need for them to grow.  This is why we’ve got to move on now.  Your focus is like a laser beam.  Too much concentrated focus for too long can burn your little seed alive.  Take care to use your laser beam to give it just enough heat, without burning up your seed.  Let go, understanding that letting go is not the same as giving up.  If faith is difficult for you, then consider this message a confirmation for you – it’s safe for you to let go now.  You’re not going to delay your manifestation by letting it go – rather, the opposite.  Your next steps are about to begin!  Your request has been accepted.


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