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In this reality in which we live, we are programmed to “do do dotry try try.”  Whatever it is we are hoping to accomplish, it tends to drive us a little crazy if we’re not actually “doing” something to “make it happen,” does it not?  This is something that I have personally struggled with, myself.  Today I’d like to share with you a little exercise that has helped me tremendously, and I know this will make a difference in your life too.


Use this exercise in every aspect of your life in which you are looking for results, whether it’s to improve your health, your relationships, your finances, or even overcoming fears or unwanted habits.


bubble realityCreate a little bubble world, in your mind, where you put yourself and all your surroundings – create your life in this bubble. And in this little bubble, also create the circumstance you are desiring.  See yourself having this in your bubble reality.  Set this bubble reality of yours six feet out in front of your heart.


Now close your eyes, and imagine a white sparkly light coming into you from the top of your head and filling up your entire body and essence – every cell of your body, and every fiber of your being.  Imagine that this light has an essence of its own – and it also has a name. The name of this light is:  “Allow.”  Everything about this light has the energy of allowing. Let it fill you up, and as it does, you feel this energy of allowing growing within you, until it is all-encompassing.


Breathe it in, let it come into all the pores of your body, until you become one with this light.  You become the very essence of allowing.



Now imagine your reality bubble, and instead of having the tendency to push and try and do and make it happen, you are now allowing it to gently come to you.  Do not try to pull it into you.  Simply be the moment, and observe as it is drawn to you.  Inch by inch, it comes closer to you, until it comes into your heart and expands.  Feel it flowing in your body, up to the top of your head, through your arms and hands, down your legs, to your feet, and just imagine that it grows roots right into the Earth as well.

Bathed in Spiritual Light


Allow the energy to flow from your Heart, down to the Earth’s center, allowing for Earth’s love to kiss you back, and out through the top of your head, blessing all the Universe and allowing the Universe to bless you back.  Breathe.  Feel.  Allow. 



Use this exercise every time you feel you are trying too hard and feeling frustrated by any lack of results.  In Truth, you are already everything you could ever desire – right there in your Heart.  All you have to do, really, is remember to project the Truth of who you already really are.  This exercise helps you to do that.



Sometimes, yes, we do try too hard.  And the lesson to be learned is that sometimes, there is nothing for us to do but to allow.


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