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Pirates of the Caribbean RideDo you remember when you were a child, a time when you experienced something that seemed magical?  Perhaps it was the first time you felt the wonder and beauty of a flower blooming, or watching a butterfly float past you.  Maybe it was your first time at the ocean, smelling the salt air, feeling the breeze, giggling at a sea gull as it tried to sneak up to steal your lunch.  Was it a trip to Disney World, flying through the air like Peter Pan, or watching all those Pirates singing their merry tunes in the Caribbean?

Disney Peter Pan FlightWhatever that moment was, I’d like for you to close your eyes right now, and remember what that memory was, that was full of wonder for you.

Now jump into the wonder.  In your mind, jump right into that experience, feeling – really feeling – all the wonder and magic you felt at that earlier time in your life.  Remember how it smelled, how it looked.  What did it sound like?  Was there a flavor to it?  Feel it just as it was.  Experience it all, right now, as if you were there again.

Now open your eyes, and discover once again, the wonder and the magic that is always there surrounding you, with each breath you take.  It has always been there.  It has never left you.  It’s there for us at all times, just waiting for us to remember the awe that we have become used to and forget to marvel over.

Butterfly and Forget-Me-Nots

Make it a practice when you wake up each morning, to remember the wonder.  Hear the birds chirping their praise over the sun rising.  Take a few moments to let the sun shine upon your face.  Take in the breeze when it comes, and dance in the rain.


Be as a child, full of wonder, as often and for as long as you possibly can.  When we are as children, loving the magic of life, we are full of gratitude and love and appreciation – the higher vibrational frequencies that connect us to the essence of all Creation – the essence of who we truly are.  This brings blessings not only to us, but all those who we touch.


The wonder of life is waiting for you to re-discover it.  You have nothing to do but to jump into the wonder.

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