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Tuning into the collective consciousness today, I feel a bit of uncertainty regarding financial abundance.  Are you one who is feeling doubt about how the money will come through?  Are you feeling money fears?  Today’s message from Spirit is a gentle reminder to let go of those fears and worries.  Give them up to your Higher Self, to your Source, your guides and angels.  You are an ocean of abundance!  Today, spend some time in gratitude for your desire already fulfilled.  Feel it in your body as you imagine your goal already realized.  What does your life look like if money was not a concern?  Spend time in that reality, in your mind.  Your imagination is what creates your reality.


Anytime you set an intent for yourself, understand that whatever energy blockages you have in the way of the manifestation of that desire will come up to the surface for you to observe.  Your energy blockages are the beliefs you have about your desire – what your body believes to be true.  So, for example, you set an intent to realize your desire to build that dream house on the beach, but your physical body says, “hey, I don’t have the money for that,” what’s going to happen?  You start to worry about how you’re going to get that money, and in worrying about how it’s going to come about, you actually reinforce and materialize more of the not having the money.  Oftentimes you find unexpected expenses start piling up, all to show you your belief about not having enough, and you start manifesting the opposite of what your desire is – all because you don’t realize that you’ve switched your focus off of the having of your desire to the not having the means for it.  You’ve switched your focus from abundance to lack, without even realizing it.


Remember that you are an ocean of abundance.  Whatever the abundance happens to be at the moment – that is actually your choice.  Do you continue to be an ocean of lack?  It’s your ocean, and you can choose what abundance that ocean holds for you.  Remember to give your fears and worries about the “how” and the “when” your desire will materialize over to your Source, your Higher Self, your guides and angels, while you keep your focus on feeling and behaving as if your desire has already come into your reality.  The more time you spend in your imagination living this reality, the more it teaches your body what it feels like to be abundant in all the ways you want to be.  Remember that you already are everything you can ever desire.  You are truly powerful.  It is impossible to be any other way.


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