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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is a reminder that we are never truly alone.  Though we feel so alone in so many of the things we go through, it’s important to remember that we are each part of the whole.  We are all connected with each other; we are all a piece of God/Source – each and every one of us, completely, divinely connected.  Not only do we all have each other in this realm, but we also have family, friends, guides who love us dearly in the other realms as well – realms we can’t see or touch with our physical senses, but that we can see and hear and feel within our Hearts, as well as our psychic eyes.  It is in these realms of the greater Mind, where all connections are made for what we experience here in this realm.  Today we are asked to spend some time in the other realms, become aware of our loved ones here, become aware of other connections here, and remember that, no matter how alone we might feel today, we have support, guidance, and love.


All that you have asked for is currently en route.  It’s easy to become so distracted by what appears to be going on outside of you right now that you forget to go within and keep your eye on the prize.  Stay true to the reality you have created within your imagination – all the beautiful dreams you have created, all your intents and goals – the life you have made for yourself, full of healing.  It awaits you.  Do not lose sight of it now.  Outer reality can look and feel pretty scary, and quite convincing – and if you get fooled by it and caught up in that drama, believing it to be true rather than what it actually is – which is the reflection of past fears and beliefs – you end up creating more of the same.  Take a step back, go within, and then look at your outer reality from the perspective of remembering that that is nothing more than the reflection of your past thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.  You don’t have to continue to project that any longer.  Remember that you are healed – to God/Source you are healed, whole, complete.  Perfect.  Trust in that.  Say to your outer reality, “get behind me.”  Go within and remember who you truly are.  See yourself the way God/Source sees you, the way your guides and beloved ones in the other realms see you.  Let them tell you about how they see you.  Open your heart and feel the immensity of their love.  It is beyond humbling to feel.


Look for ways to laugh today, as laughing strengthens your energy field and heals and cheers you from the inside out.  Though you may feel like crying today – and perhaps you already have – and honor that.  Cry if you need to.  But then, look for reasons to laugh.  Spread cheer to others, because just as you are going through hard times and need cheering up, you are never truly alone.  Others are also going through challenges that might take your breath away.  Be of cheer for them too.  Remember – the healing you do for yourself also heals others, just as the healing you do for others also heals you – as we are all part of the whole.  Celebrate this bond between us all.  Look for the Love.  Look for the Joy.  Today, may we laugh together.


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