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Some things are “Knowing” beyond the rational mind’s version of knowing, which is actually ignorance and illusion.

Sri Yukteswar explains the difference between the Real Knowing of the Heart , and ignorance, or avidya.

The Holy Science, by Sri Yukteswar

This is explained by my Divine Guide, Sri Yukteswar in his book, “The Holy Science.”  Chapter Two of his book explains what humanity’s goal is, as well as why we suffer, and how our Heart’s Desire is attained.

He explains that liberation is our prime object:  “When man understands even by way of inference the true nature of this creation, the true relation existing between this creation and himself; and when he further understands that he is completely blinded by the influence of Darkness, Maya, and that it is the bondage of Darkness alone which makes him forget his real Self and brings about all his sufferings, he naturally wishes to be relieved from all these evils.  This relief from evil, or liberation from the bondage of Maya, becomes the prime object of his life.”


He further goes on to explain that “Residing in Self is liberation.  When man raises himself above the idea creation of this Darkness, Maya, and passes completely out of its influence, he becomes liberated from bondage and is placed in his real Self, the Eternal Spirit.


Liberation is salvation.  On attaining this liberation, man becomes saved from all his troubles, and all the desires of his heart are fulfilled, so the ultimate aim of his life is accomplished.


Troubles are born from Avidya, Ignorance.  Ignorance is the perception of the nonexistent and the nonperception of the Existent. - Sri YukteswarTroubles are born from Avidya, Ignorance.  Ignorance is the perception of the nonexistent and the nonperception of the Existent.”

What is ignorance?  Ignorance, Avidya, is misconception, or is the erroneous conception of the existence of that which does not exist.  Through Avidya man believes that this material creation is the only thing that substantially exists, there being nothing beyond, forgetting that this material creation is substantially nothing and is a mere play of ideas on the Eternal Spirit, the only Real Substance, beyond the comprehension of the material creation.  This Ignorance is not only a trouble in itself but is also the source of all the other troubles of man.”


Sri Yukteswar then continues to teach why man is bound.  “By the influence of these five troubles – Ignorance, Egoism, Attachment, Aversion, and Tenacity to the material creation – man is induced to involve himself in egoistic works and in consequence he suffers.”


Divinely channeled, Patricia Reed tells her own story of enlightenment, coming out of ignorance to the Knowing of the Heart

The Space Between – An Inspirational Tale of the Journey out of the Ego-Mind and into Spirit, by Patricia Reed

The “ultimate aim of the Heart” is to end suffering, with the ultimate goal being the permanent cessation of suffering.  In other words, our truest, deepest desire is simply to remember Who We Really Are – for that is where there exists no suffering.  But as long as we continue to believe in the illusion of physical life – that the illusion is the reality, and the Actual Reality is simply imaginary or completely non-existent because we cannot measure it by the ego’s standards of physical sensory proof or “scientific evidence” – we remain in the darkness of illusion, always striving for our material desires to actualize, for that is all we know how to base our happiness and satisfaction upon:  external results.  If we would simply go into our Heart and allow ourselves to experience Truth from our Hearts and accept what we innately Know from our Hearts, without tossing it aside as “preposterous musings of a wild imagination,” we would find our Real Joy and realize that we have no need to attach ourselves to any “external results” to dictate our happiness.  We would become our True Joy, Love, and Peace – and all that we think and feel and say and do would then be coming from Truth, rather than chasing after anything outside us, or running away from all that we would rather avoid.


Sri Yukteswar explains what the real necessities are:  “Man naturally feels great necessity for Sat, Existence; Chit, Consciousness; and Ananda, Bliss.  These three are the real necessities of the human heart and have nothing to do with anything outside his Self.  They are essential properties of his own nature.”


The ego’s version of knowing something is based on past experiences – filtered reality – universal data that is filtered by the ego-mind in such a way as to allow only the data that supports the ego’s need to be right into its awareness. All the other data that would prove the ego’s beliefs about itself wrong gets filtered out of conscious awareness. Basically, the ego’s version of “knowing” is simply believing that things will be as they were before, because only the experience that can be measured with the physical senses can be the truth. It’s a twisted form of faith.


Patricia Reed Trust the Knowing that comes from Your HeartReal Knowing is beyond faith and beyond the comprehension of the ego-rational-mind. It knows no barriers of past experiences or physical sensory proof in order to be Real. It simply IS.  Trust your intuition!  Doubt is simply just “Maya” – darkness – all based on the belief that outer “reality” is the true existence.

Trust the Knowing that comes from Your Heart.  This is what Truth actually is.  It’s not the outer world that we think is reality.  Everything “out there” is the opposite of what we believe it is.  In Truth, there is no “out there” out there.  It’s all simply reflections of what we project.  Stop basing your happiness upon what you see “out there,” and instead, go into your Heart to remember Truth.  Stop looking for happiness outside yourself, and simply Be the Joy that You Already Are.  It all begins with the willingness to go into your Heart and watch your thoughts.  With practice you begin to discern the difference between the beliefs of the ego-mind and the Truth that Spirit “whispers” to you.  Trust yourself.  Let go of the resistance, the judgments, the attachments, and allow yourself to trust your inner guidance.  You shall soon know the difference first-hand between knowing and Knowing.

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