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change the world by accepting it as it is

“Individually, we change our own version of outer reality; collectively we change the entire world. We cannot collectively change the world without individually accepting it as it is.”
~Patricia Reed~

Change the world.  These words have become as a theme or a mantra for all walks of life.  “Change the world” – as if there is a world outside us to change, while we ignore our own personal universe, and blame our perceived outer circumstances for everything we don’t like and stand against.

How Outer Reality Actually Works

change the world by changing the way you look at the world - the ripple effect from you is what changes the worldThe outer reality that we each perceive is filtered through our own individual beliefs.  Based on the way we look at life – the way in which we observe physical reality – we literally form the unmanifested universal energy into life as we know it.  As we each have our own beliefs and expectations, the outer reality we each perceive is observed differently for each of us.  We each have our own little “skeleton version” of reality that we see life through.  This is why we each have different challenges on the individual levels.  And it’s how we each deal with our individual realities that will ultimately sway what it is that we create on the scale of collective consciousness.  This is what will change the world.

Together we are all one vast, mighty sea of Consciousness.  Individually, we are like the drops of water that make up this vast ocean.  Every thought, emotion, word and deed has an effect that goes far beyond what we think of as our own identity.  Layers and layers of Consciousness ultimately form what we believe is our existence on the mass scale.

change the world

“You are not just the drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in the drop.”

How to Change the World

Don’t try to change the world.  Just focus on your own thoughts and feelings.  When you can accept the world as it is, without judgments or attachments or resistance, and just feel at Peace with Your Self, basking in the Love and Light and Joy that You Really Are, you begin to change your individual reality – and one by one – that is what makes for a better world.  To change the world and make it a better place, just accept it as it is.  Just Be the Real You.

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