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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness is telling us that it’s important to look within right now for the answers that we seek.  There’s something you’re asking about – and it’s important that you set aside time for learning about that which you need to know.  Focus on learning, as it will help to provide you with clarity and confidence in moving forward with your next step.  However, remember to take time to know yourself.  What are your heart’s desires?  How do you feel about this circumstance or that one?  Where will you feel the happiest?  What is your greatest joy?  The more you know about yourself, the easier it is to make your decisions regarding what will be your next step.  Remember:  when in doubt, know thy self.


The more you get to know yourself, the more you open up your intuition.  At first, you may feel like, “oh I just made that up.”  And that’s because we’ve been collectively programmed to dismiss our imagination, as if it’s not real or powerful.  But our imagination is the key to reality creation – and our imagination also connects us with higher knowledge and allows us to stretch our our conscious awareness beyond the confines of this 3D world.  The more you get to know yourself and open up your intuition, the more you begin to trust your intuition, and this, in turn, helps you to begin to trust yourself.  Take the time to practice your intuitive abilities and stop relying so much on what appears to be happening in the outer 3D reality.  Remember:  the outer world is nothing more than the projection of past thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  The real reality is what’s going on in your imagination – and your intuition is what guides you from higher levels of consciousness when you can look within and trust your divine intelligence.


As you trust your intuition more and more, you begin to follow it.  And this is our guidance today as well – know yourself, trust and follow your intuition.  Become observant like the owl – get out of your thoughts, and simply observe.  You may be in a place in your life now where you’re about to make a major decision.  Perhaps you are going to move to a new part of the country or world soon?  Are you deciding where you will go?  Are you about to let go of parts of your life that no longer serve you?  You don’t want to make these decisions lightly, but rather, observe carefully.  Know yourself.  Trust your intuition.  And then follow your intuition so that you make the best choice for you.  Carefully consider your choices, observing your thoughts and feelings about each choice before you.  Feel for your heart’s desire when asking which way to go.  Your intuition will show you the way forward.  Trust it.  Follow it.


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Art © Josephine Wall




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