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I’ve got a neat little exercise for you which will actually create a new thought field! You’re going to pour out all your worries and toss them away.


Sisyphus Angelic Help 2Hold your hands out in front of you, and imagine you are holding a basketball sized sphere.  

Now take all your worries and cares and troubles from your mind, and pour them into this sphere.  If your sphere grows larger in this process, that’s OK.  Let it get as big as it needs to be in order to hold all your worries and frustrations.  Let it keep expanding until you have filled it completely up with all your troubles – the bills, the illnesses, the past traumas, the future worries, conflicts with people – just pour it all into your sphere.  In your mind’s eye, see all the worries pouring in like water into your sphere.

Now take your sphere in both hands and lift it up over your head.  If it’s too heavy, imagine that you have a helper – an invisible force of love and strength to help you lift it up.


Are you ready?  Now toss it up and to your right, watching it floating away, getting lighter and lighter, and smaller and smaller, until you see it completely transformed into pure light.


Take a deep breath, and take your next step forward, free from all those worries.

Now don’t you feel better?  🙂


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