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I’m going to tell you one very powerful little secret.  Right now you’re going to learn what is the most effective thing you can do to change anything you want in your life.


In two little words, I’m about to tell you what it is.  Are you ready?


Let go.

That’s it.  Let go.  It’s the simplest concept the world; it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. When I say “let go,” I don’t mean that this is about letting go of what we think of as the negative emotions, like fear, anger, sadness, doubt, frustration… Rather, what I’m saying is “let it all go.”

That means letting go of your dreams, hopes, intentions, wishes – all of it!  Why on earth would I tell you to let these good things go? Because, if you don’t physically have them yet, your subconscious focus is still on not having them yet, every time you think about them.  As long as you believe you don’t have them yet, you never can.  They are always off in the distance somewhere… never yours yet. Our tendency is to get so focused on “good things coming,” that that’s exactly what we get.  Good things always coming, but never quite here yet.  This is exactly why we must let go.

Spirit already knows your every thought, need, wish, hope, dream, and desire.  Put your mind to asking for what you want.  Visualize.  See yourself in your mind’s eye having this desire fulfilled.  And then:  let it go, and simply know that your request has been received and is on its way. Free yourself from your wish, and be present in the moment, grateful for what you already have, and for what you have asked for that is on its way to you. No frustrations over not having your desires manifest yet.  No thinking “why isn’t it here yet?”  No holding on to it for fear it won’t come if you let go.

Let go of the need to know if or when or how the sun will shine again.  Give thanks for the rain and go about your life, knowing that the sun will shine again, whether you worry about it or not.  So why spend your time worrying?  

Just let go.

Letting go is completely different from giving up. Let me be very clear on this. Letting go means that you trust in the Universe to deliver the changes you have asked for, and that you can be joyful and grateful in the moment while you wait for your order to come up. Giving up means that you don’t.  Letting go is a positive thing which makes the space available for your desires to show up in your life.  Giving up takes up the space with doubts, frustrations, and resentment, leaving no space available for your intentions and wishes to manifest in your life. Giving up is easy.  Letting go is the hardest thing you will ever do.

And that’s the truth.

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