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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness draws our attention to balance within our friendships, and a call for reevaluation.  We’re asked to take a good honest look at the friendships, acquaintanceships, and various relationships we have with others, and ask ourselves:  is this a balanced, give-and-take flow between us?  Or does this other person really leave me feeling drained?  Am I working too hard to please this person, at my own expense?  Does this person listen to me, or does this person instead attempt to force their reality on me?  Do they ask too much of me and set ridiculous expectations that I feel I have to live up to?  Do I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around this person all the time?  These can be uncomfortable questions to ask, however it is necessary that we do so, and that we are completely honest with ourselves about how we feel about our relationships.   Are you sacrificing you own well being for someone else’s approval?  If you find that you have certain relationships with others where this is always and consistently the case, it may be time to consider letting those friendships go.


You’ve been taking on a bit too much lately, at your own expense.  You’re asked to take a look at that.  What are you doing instead of taking care of yourself?  Today, consider any additional steps you may need to take to simplify your life.  You have a wide variety of interests that you have gotten involved in.  Do you really want to continue to devote your time and resources to all of them?  Which ones could you step back from?  The more spread thin you are, the less you can really fully devote to any of your interests.  You need to recharge.  Narrow your focus to what you love the most, and let the rest go.  It’s time to prioritize – and make your own self-care your number one priority.  Whatever extra drama you’ve gotten entangled with, today it’s important to evaluate what that is, where it’s coming from, and remove yourself from it, remembering that it is not selfish to take care of you.


Today is also an ideal one for making some time to clear your chakras.  Negative energy from others can gather up in your own energy field, at your energy centers known as chakras, and create blockages and imbalances.  These blockages act like filters – filters that shape and define your beliefs, thought forms, programs, and emotions.  There’s no need to keep holding onto what isn’t yours.  There’s no need to keep holding onto what no longer serves you.  Clearing your chakras will help you to restore balance within your mind, body and spirit.  Check out the chakras section in this website for detailed chakra exercises, and feel free to sign up for the Energetic Mastery newsletter and receive your free 21 minute chakra clearing meditation video!


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