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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness guides us to seek knowledge.  And not just any knowledge – though all knowledge is encouraged – but especially, self knowledge.  Become intimately familiar with your Self.  How do you do this?  By listening.  Just as you would listen to your child if he or she was talking to you, just as you would listen to a cherished friend.  You ask yourself what it is you need to know, then quiet your mind and listen.  It’s a little easier to do this if you set aside some time for yourself, where you can be alone, and have a pen and journal with you.  Oftentimes you’ll find that your thoughts disappear altogether when you make this attempt, so here are a few things you can ask yourself about, to get to know yourself better.

  • What do I like to see?  What colors make me the happiest?  Why?
  • What are my favorite fragrances to smell?  How do those scents make me feel?
  • What are my pet peeves?  What do other people do that irritate me, and why do I get irritated about it?
  • What are the dreams I have that bring tears of joy and hope to my eyes when I think about these dreams coming true?
  • What do I want more than anything else?  How do I know that I want that?  Why do I want that?
  • How does this sunshine feel on my skin?
  • What does my heart feel like?  Can I feel it beating?  What does my frequency and energy feel like?  Does it feel like Love inside my chest?


These are just a few things you can write about to help you to get to know yourself.  Once you know yourself, it becomes easier to know what your next step is, to trust yourself, and to be true to yourself.  And living true to yourself is your greatest responsibility in this life.  Know who you are, know what you want, and be true to that.  Don’t trivialize the importance of living your truth.  Make each decision an informed one, and live each day without regrets.


Have the courage to live the life you want.  Knowing yourself and being true to yourself gives you the courage to move forward towards your dreams.  You have something wonderful to look forward to – a victory in store.  Your desires are coming to fruition.  Move forward in full self trust – the trust and confidence that comes from knowing and being true to yourself.


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