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Today’s message from Collective Consciousness calls us to open up our hearts and minds to our own inner wisdom, and appears much like a flower blossoming from the 3D Earthly realm into a fluid Spirit realm.  The guidance for today is to relax and connect with your Spirit’s wisdom and power.  Know that Spirit fully supports you, and be conscious of keeping your connection clear today, as your intuition is now blossoming.  Spirit’s guidance is yours – you need only keep your connection clear that you may listen and follow your Heart’s wisdom.


Despite the chaos that appears to be going on around you, reach for your inner peace.  Always remember to find your center.  Take a moment inside your Heart space and connect with your Soul, letting your Soul fill your body, and feel the peace, joy and Love that you truly are.  We are urged to spend extra time today within our Hearts and our imaginations – as intuition is relayed in this realm of consciousness, and solutions are presented here.  Remember to let go of the drama, no matter how tempting it is to get caught up in it – it’s like the wave of the sea in a storm.  The wave rises and then crashes down, and then it’s onto another wave, as the wave that was is gone.  Why get caught up in it?  Why not, instead, dive down underneath it – or perhaps even remember that you have wings with which to fly, and simply rise above it?  Remember to connect with your Spirit today, as this is where your inner peace is felt.


Today, meditate on your Soul.  Feel your Soul within your Heart.  Allow the feeling of your true essence to grow – to blossom – within you, and let it fill your entire being.  New doors are waiting to open for you, and your intuition holds the key to opening them.  Quiet your mind today, and listen.  Even if it’s only for half a minute – as often as you remember to, silence your thoughts, and just feel your Soul’s presence within you.  The more you practice this today, the more you feel your intuition opening up, and the more you are able to trust your intuition to guide you through the storm, to the solutions and the peace and joy that you desire.


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