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painUPDATE:  If you’re having trouble finding Valor for a reasonable price, there are a couple of other essential oil alternatives that I’ve tried out and can highly recommend.  They are Align by Eden’s Garden and Self Esteem by Plant Therapy.  Both of these are equally as effective as Young Living’s Valor, in my experience.

A few years ago, I had the worst herniated discs in my back which caused the most intense pain in the lower half of my body that I could have ever imagined.  It took seven doctors to finally recognize that all the pain was being caused by a severely herniated L4/L5 spinal disc, which was bulging out into my sciatic nerve, causing piriformis syndrome – inflammation and spasms of the piriformis muscle, and extreme sciatica all the way down my legs and into my feet.  The pain got to the point of disabling me, literally for months.  I had to take disability leave from my then-job.  I had to have cortico-steroid shots in to my spinal cord.  At the time, I took pain pills, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories… and I had some very devastating side-effects from all that – including severe estrogen dominance, fibroid tumors in my uterus and breasts, a gigantic ovarian cyst, glaucoma, and ultimately, a stroke in an eye which rendered it blind.

After dealing with all of that, I decided that I would seriously explore and apply only natural healing methods, and I became an expert in nutrition and mind-body-spirit detoxification, after spending years researching, and tens of thousands of dollars, using myself as my “guinea pig. ”


I decided to go to a chiropractor to help me with the back pain I was still experiencing, as my discs continued to degenerate, and more discs began to bulge.  My chiropractor’s treatments were always effective and helped me tremendously.


It Made My Pain Disappear in an Instant


One day when I went to see my chiropractor, I was experiencing another intense bout with the pain and inflammation in my back.  That day, before he began to adjust my back, he pulled out a bottle of something that had a wonderful fragrance, and much to my surprise, he put a couple of drops of it onto my back and rubbed it into my skin.  After that adjustment, the pain that had been intolerable was gone.  Completely, inexplicably… just gone.  And not just gone – I actually felt great.  So the next time I went back to see him, I asked him what that was.  He brought out a small bottle of something called “Valor” and introduced me to what he called his “chiropractor in a bottle.”  I asked him if he would use it on me again before my adjustment.  I couldn’t believe how well it had worked before, and I wanted to be sure that the significant results I’d experienced were really because of this little miracle oil.  He agreed, and sure enough – once again – there was no more pain, and I left the session feeling wonderful.


It’s Actually Formulated to Help Raise Self-Esteem and Confidence


Valor for pain relief and better self-esteem

Valor is actually an essential oil blend – spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, and frankincense – that’s meant to help to promote feelings of self-esteem, confidence, and courage, and aid in visualizing and attaining self empowerment.  I was surprised when I learned that after the fact, because the physical pain relief I experienced was so profound.  I had to think back to try to remember if I also experienced the mental/emotional benefits of the product.  All I could know for certain was that I sure felt better about myself without all that physical pain in the way.  So I thought I’d try Valor on my own, without any physical pain and see what would happen.  And what I can say is that Valor is definitely true to its word.  As it turned out, the “feeling good” that goes with pain relief could definitely be attributed to more than just pain relief.  Emotional and mental pain are experienced when your self-esteem is low, when you’re not feeling so good about yourself.  Valor definitely helped me to feel better about myself.  The thing is, the more often you can feel better about yourself, the better your life gets.  Valor helps you get to that mental and emotional place that allows you to open up to your innate Awesomeness.


So I highly recommend Valor – whether you feel down and out about yourself and want a mood boost, or whether you’re feeling intense physical pain in your body, and you’re looking for fast pain relief – in any way you just want to feel good – do yourself a favor, and try out Valor for yourself.  It does not disappoint!


Try out the Valor Roll-On for easy application.  Get one for yourself, get one for someone else as a most excellent and unique gift!




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