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weight and subconscious programmingLet’s talk about weight.  Everybody talks about gaining it or losing it.  Is your body at your ideal weight?  Why not?

Chances are, you don’t really know the answer to that.  You might believe it’s because you eat too much, or that you don’t exercise enough or drink enough water.  But that’s not actually the truth.  How simple would it be if it were?  If you want to find out what the real reason is behind your weight, you’ve got to examine your subconscious beliefs.


Subconscious Beliefs and Your Weight


Have you heard some of the diet experts say that you’ve got to eat all the time in order to lose weight?  Why would that be?  Doesn’t that go against simple common sense?  Not when you consider the reason behind this approach.  If you find that you release excess weight by eating more food more often, the likely reason behind your weight is a subconscious fear of starvation.  It could be that you had an ancestor who lived during very difficult times and endured starvation, and the starvation program was passed down to you genetically.  As long as you’re eating, your subconscious fear of starvation is put on hold and suppressed.  But suppression does not solve the root core issue.  What happens when you get tired of all that constant eating?  That’s right.  You put the weight back on.  Who wants to have their entire life revolving around eating food all the time?  It might be fun at first.  For a day or two.  But, believe me, having to schedule in your food breaks gets mighty exhausting after a couple of days.  Better to work on releasing that subconscious fear of starvation.


Heal Your Metabolism


What about the experts that tell you that you have to eat less and exercise more in order to lose weight?  Then you do that, but nothing happens – or, like in my own case, you actually start gaining weight, and rapidly.  Well, there could be a number of reasons behind your weight in that instance.  Your subconscious belief may be that it’s unsafe for you to be slim or attractive, and so in order to be safe, your autonomic nervous system – which is a part of your greater unconscious mind – refuses to release that extra weight, no matter what you do.  Until you address the subconscious fear of danger in being slim and attractive, you’ll continue frustrating yourself with efforts beyond belief to release the extra pounds, to no avail.  Your willpower exists in that tiny 3% area of your conscious mind – that is no match for the 97% of your subconscious and unconscious mind that exists to keep you safe – even if it’s really even more unsafe for you to stay overweight.


healthy foods for healthy weightOther times, we may have seen a loved one become ill and “waste away.”  The subconscious program created in that scenario becomes the belief “I have to get deathly sick in order to lose any weight.”  Consciously, you realize that’s not true, but your subconscious mind has some weird ideas.  Consequently, you may find that every time you begin to release excess weight, you find yourself either sick or injured… and then your unconscious mind puts the breaks on the weight loss and puts the weight back on you, so you’ll get better.


muscular man, healthy weightWhat about having an underweight body and unable to gain weight, no matter how hard you try?  You may have a subconscious belief here that says you need to be invisible for some reason, often times attached to childhood trauma and abuse.  It believes you must be insignificant and small, in order to hide you from an oppressor, and doesn’t take into consideration the difference between smallness of being and smallness of size.  You may have endured a trauma as a young one, in which you felt the need to shrink or hide, or suffered a belief of inferiority so powerful as to make everyone in the world seem bigger than you.


Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter so much what we eat.  Yes, there are certain foods and chemicals we’re best off to avoid, such as high fructose corn syrup, MSG and aspartame; and yes, it’s true that your body functions much better when you’ve got your acid/alkaline balance in order, and when you detoxify poisons out of your system, but the real truth is that when your subconscious beliefs are healthy and positive, your body will metabolize what you put into it at exactly the rate that it should.


ideal weightThere are thousands of possible beliefs that your subconscious mind could be holding onto, causing your weight to be too high or too low.  This is why it’s so important to explore your beliefs and find out what’s really going on there underneath it all.

If you’d like to work with a coach to help you find and release your underlying beliefs about your weight, send me a note to learn about my coaching packages and get started right away.

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