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thinking over discomfortWhat other people think of you is not your business, nor is it your responsibility to try to make other people think well of you. What they think of you is their business. Thinking well of you is their responsibility.


It’s not our place to judge others. Each of us has a responsibility to perceive each other in Love, Joy, Peace, and Light. It is our responsibility to see each person in Truth, regardless of the actions of the person in question. You are not responsible for how others choose to think of you. You are responsible for how you think of you, and for how you think of others.


If each of us could recognize and remember this each day, how much easier would life be for us? To simply take responsibility for our own thoughts and words and deeds, rather than living in fear of what someone else might think, trying to intuit those feelings and read minds, bending over backwards to please others, all the while beaming out to the universe, “I have no self-esteem. I’m worthless, unworthy, and I need your approval to feel good about myself, and I’m terrified that you’re not going to like me.” What an exhausting way to live life.


what other people think of youToday, why don’t you take a few moments and think about how you think of yourself. Pay attention to how you feel about yourself, and work on that. Think of how you think of other people, and work on seeing them in goodness, rather than judgment. It’s not your place to care what they think of you; it is your place to care what you think of them. Remind yourself today, no matter who may be trying your patience, even if it means to simply look in the mirror: “I remember to forgive. I strive to see you in Light, Love, Joy and Peace. I am responsible for my thoughts about you.”


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