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Today I feel a collective pause, as if we’ve been walking along a path, and we’ve come to a fork in the road.  It’s not a feeling of indecision or of being stuck, but more of a little rest to catch our breath while we weigh each potential choice.  Perhaps we set up camp for the night, nourish ourselves and rest, considering which way we will head when dawn breaks.  It’s a peaceful moment, one of calm surrender – knowing that either path will get us there.  Each path has different challenges and lessons and blessings.  It’s only a matter of choosing which path to move forward through.  On the one hand, there is a well worn road, widely traveled, with many fellow travelers and a horizon that can be seen for miles.  On the other hand, another path that is lush and full of beauty and adventure, but likely with some vines to cut through, and hidden treasures.  Spirit asks you:  which would you rather experience now?


Whichever path you choose, it’s important to remember not to look for happiness outside you, but to be present now, within the moment, finding your joy within yourself.  It’s easy to say “I’ll be happy when….” but what is when?  Don’t wait for something in your outer world to change before you can accept it and be happy with it.  That will only make for a difficult path, whichever one you choose.  Instead, embrace the joy and happiness that you inherently are, and walk the path you choose in full faith and acceptance of whatever appears, knowing that You are the Joy that you seek.  Being happy for no reason outside of yourself attracts the happy that appears outside of you – but remember:  oftentimes this may require the scaling away of what and/or whom you have in your life now so as to make room for the happy that you seek.  Whatever frequencies and vibrations that are in your current map of reality which don’t resonate with your highest Joy simply cannot stay.  No matter what, remain in Joy and Gratitude for Spirit within You.


Today’s message also includes that which speaks to your desire and human need for belonging.  You, who are searching for your tribe –  know that you will encounter them, regardless of the path you choose.  They are also seeking you.  Be happy and take that first step onto your chosen path with excitement!  Belong to Spirit within You – feel your sense of belonging within yourself, with Earth, with Spirit, and you will be drawn to your Soul Family as they will be drawn to you.


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