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Being leads to doing.  Doing leads to having.  That’s the formula to having whatever you want in life.  Be.  Then Do.  Then Have.



What does this mean for you?  It means that your first priority is in your State of Being.  It means that the most important thing for you to focus on is your thoughts and feelings.  Your second priority is in the actions you take to achieve the having.  The having is then the symbol of your inner state of Being.



When you are in a peaceful, happy state of being – of mindset – you are automatically doing all the right things towards your goals, whatever they might be.  But when you are doing, doing, doing from a stressful or other negatively charged state of being, all you end up doing is way too much work, and usually not the right actions.



Sometimes, we may even have to get to the point of learning to live without… just to teach us how to live within.



First, pay close attention to how you are feeling.  Get in touch with your emotions and with your body so that you can be in tune with the messages you’re getting.  When you experience distress or discomfort, whether physical or emotional, that is a signal to let you know that you’re out of balance on the being side.  Stop and ask yourself what you were just seeing, hearing, or thinking.  



thinking over discomfort

Next, rewind.  Play back whatever it was you were seeing, hearing, or thinking just before you noticed your discomfort.  You will then understand what the emotional or physical response was to:  focusing on something you don’t want, or on lacking something you do want.  You were either focusing  future worries that haven’t even happened, or you were focusing on past troubles.  Whatever it was you were focusing on, it was not Now.  You took yourself out of the moment and got lost someplace else, as your mind scampered off without you.  This led to an uncomfortable feeling that always accompanies something that is not Truth.  Acknowledge what it was, and let it go.  Forgive it.  Pay attention to what it was, because it’s there to get your acknowledgment.  So acknowledge it without resistance, without judgment, without attachment.  To resist or judge the thought or feeling is to suppress it.  To be attached to it is to resist what is.  To suppress or resist is to continue the cycle of miscreation.  Acknowledging and forgiving your thoughts brings them to the surface where they can be released, rather than ignored, suppressed, and driven further and deeper into the subconscious mind where they continue to miscreate your reality.



At this point, consciously and deliberately choose your next thought.  Think of just one thing that feels better to you.  Something or someone who makes you smile… something or someone you are grateful for… something special that you achieved…  Whatever thought feels better, go for it.



mother and daughter playing in the parkNow, take your action.  Not sure what action to take?  That’s OK!  Because when you are in the correct state of being, the doing is always right, even if it doesn’t make sense, or seems so minute that it would normally seem too insignificant a move to the stressed-out mind.  Even if the action you take in the joyful mindset doesn’t bear the results you hoped for, it was still the right thing to do.  How so?  When you’re in your True state of Being, you are able to quickly and clearly see how to refine all the actions that you do take into better actions, and then take them.  And you’re also not prone to disappointment if you don’t immediately see the results you want, or if someone criticizes your action.  You simply see whatever truth there is to it and refine your actions – your doing.  You remember that results are not the point of what you’re doing – they’re just the benefit.  You stop focusing so much on the results, and focus instead on Joy, Love, and Truth, which are your True state of Being.  And when your focus comes from your Being, your results are always good. 


The external result is that you are much more quickly in the state of having than you would be if you were to continue mindlessly and automatically keep yourself in the state of doing – do, do, do, do, do… “do-do”… and forgetting to BE.  



laying in the grassWhy do we do this?  Because we don’t know any better.  Very few of us come into the world knowing or understanding that our first and most important priority is to attend to our internal state.  We’re trained and programmed into a mindset of doing = having, and that having = happiness (in other words Do then Have then Be – wrong order!), without anyone ever teaching us that there isn’t anything in life more important to each and every one of us in our individual and collective purpose, than to awaken to who we Truly are – to be in the state of Being our True Selves.



accomplishmentAnd so it is with life.  Your state of Being is more important than any doing or having.  So always remember the order in which it goes.  Being.  Then Doing.  And then Having.  If you live life thinking that having leads to being happy, then you are focused without, and not within.  Love, Joy, Peace, and Truth are the internal state of Being which leads to highest and best doing, which leads to having everything we would like to have.


The Dream - A Poem by Patricia Reed
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