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how to let go of emotional attachments

“But I’m SUPPOSED to feel miserable!”

Have you ever felt inexplicably happy? Have you felt good for no logical reason, and felt like or perhaps even said to yourself, “oh no, this doesn’t make sense…. better not feel happy, I don’t have anything to feel happy about! Wait! I’m supposed to feel miserable, because this thing isn’t working out, or I don’t have that thing yet, or this other situation is intolerable, I better stop feeling happy now! If I’m happy now when this situation is intolerable, I’ll NEVER have what I want! I better focus on my problem – I can’t feel cheerful till my life is just as I want it – only THEN can I afford to be happy! Oh being happy is scary scary scary because that other shoe, it’s going to drop just when I feel good…”


What is that all about? I know you know what I’m talking about here. So I’m going to tell you what this is. It’s programming. It’s our collective egoic programming that says, “I have to feel miserable until things are going my way and I have what I want.” And what is it that we want? Well, those would be our emotional attachments: outcomes we’re emotionally attached to.


A long time ago, I received some advice from a very gifted intuitive. She said, “Just let go.” I had no idea what she was talking about. Let go of what? Well, I’ve since gotten my answers. And guess what? They are also your answers. Let go of your emotional attachments to outcome.


But HOW do you do that? How do you let go of something that is so emotionally charged for you, that you want it with all your heart? What if your emotional attachment has to do with the very basic means for survival? Like money? Or what if your emotional attachment is all about our root desire to be loved, appreciated, valued and recognized? How on Earth do you let go of that? It’s not easy! But… it is simple.


thankful-workerHow to Let Go of Emotional Attachments


The answer goes to your programming. Once you recognize that feeling miserable when things don’t go your way leads to energized focus on the very thing you don’t like, you begin to understand what it is you’ve got to let go of, and you begin to understand how to do that. You do it by allowing yourself to feel that inexplicable joy and happiness that springs up from your Heart when you’re not expecting it – without fear, without doubt, without letting your mind scamper off to what it thinks it’s lacking. You busy yourself doing what you enjoy – or if you have to do something you don’t enjoy, you simply let go of your resistance to those particular tasks. Become Fully Present in this moment – this moment of NOW, and you make the very most of whatever you’re doing. Stop multi-tasking, stop thinking about how much you don’t want to do it, stop thinking of all the other things you’d rather do, and just do the very best you can, fully focused on the doing of it. Before you know it, you’re done.


child's drawingBegin thinking of all the reasons you have to appreciate what you’re doing, and for all that you have, that you are grateful for. If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, then think of some little thing you’ve taken for granted that really mean the world to you. For example, when you get your bills in the mail, let yourself appreciate what it is that those bills represent: something that you have received and enjoyed in some way, like a roof over your head, clothing on your back, food in your belly, sustenance for your family, electricity, heat, running water – all things that we tend to take for granted, but that make our lives much more comfortable. Do you like to drink coffee in the morning? Appreciate that. Do you like to hear the birds chirping their song when you wake up each day? Appreciate that. Does your pet wake you up in the morning for food to eat? Appreciate that. Does your child draw you a picture to express some sentiment to you? Appreciate that. Appreciate everything and everyone without focusing on what’s wrong. Engage yourself fully in the moment, making the most of your life just as it is, fully accepting your life as you created it, understanding that your outer reality is simply the reflection back to you of what you projected in the past. By changing your polarity to one of appreciation, gratitude, and excitement for life, and making the most of your life as it is right now, you begin to project something new, which will soon be reflected back to you as your new outer reality.


let go of emotional attachmentsThis is how to emotionally “uncharge” all that stuff you don’t like, and begin to be accepting of what is. By doing this, you let go of your emotional attachments. And when you let go of your emotional attachments, you open yourself up to all the universal data and endless possibilities that will take you in the direction you’d rather go. It’s very simple. Remembering to do this each and every day is not easy. So put it into your calendar, if you have to, at first, to begin the process of making it a habit. Appreciate what is, without resistance. Allow your world to open up new doors for you by detaching yourself from outcome. And when that scary feeling of joyfulness for no reason comes knocking at your conscious awareness, invite it in, welcome it, and allow it to stay as your guest, regardless of what’s going on in your outer reality.




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