Collective Consciousness Daily Readings - artwork by Josephine Wall

Art © Josephine Wall

Most days, I tune into Collective Consciousness to pull out a jewel of wisdom to share as a daily reading.


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Boldly Communicate from Your Heart

Can you feel it?  Those words rising up from deep within you, sitting there at the edge of your tongue - is it now too sore from biting it all this time to keep holding back what you long to say?  It's bursting to get out, yet you feel afraid to say it.  The energy of...

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Your Body is Love’s Sacred Vessel

How do you feel about yourself?  Why do you feel that way?  In the collective consciousness energy I have noticed a lot of people putting themselves down, most especially, putting their bodies down in some way.  Whether is a sarcastic remark about their size or...

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Is it Wrong to Have Expectations?

Tuning into the collective consciousness today, I feel a bit of confusion, as well as a bit of disappointment.  A feeling of being let down over not getting what was expected.  As I dig deeper into this, I find that the confusion is about living in a state of...

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Let Love Raise Your Frequency

You Are Love.  Your True Being, your essence, who you really are, your Higher Self - at your core, you are True, unconditional Love.  You have come to know yourself as a human, within your body in a 3D world.  Because the vibrational frequencies in this dense realm...

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Rejoice in the Mundane

It's wonderful to spend time in our imagination, building our dreams, letting our desires paint a picture of a life beyond our wildest notions.  However the day comes when it's time to give those dreams wings with which to fly.  Today is such a day.  It's time to get...

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Celebrate Everything in Your Life

Why are you waiting to be happy?  Why are you waiting to get excited until something goes your way?  This is the energy I pick up today when tuning into collective consciousness - that of "I'll be happy when..."  It's a common theme that most of us tend to struggle...

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Clear the Air

As we enter into higher frequencies, and Earth's frequency also rises, so too are we thrust into these higher frequencies, and in the process, all that old stuff has no choice but to rise to the surface where we wade through it.  In the collective consciousness I feel...

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Replenish Your Energy through Pleasure

Tuning into the collective consciousness today, I feel a little dull and drained.  It feels as though many have been working so hard to make their dreams come true - even just to survive.  Today there is a sense of fatigue, even with a touch of sadness, frustration,...

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An Ocean of Abundance

Tuning into the collective consciousness today, I feel a bit of uncertainty regarding financial abundance.  Are you one who is feeling doubt about how the money will come through?  Are you feeling money fears?  Today's message from Spirit is a gentle reminder to let...

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Beam Your Light

Oh that feeling - you know the one.  That desire that burns within you, that yearning for self expression.  That idea which has blossomed from flower to fruit, it's so real you can almost taste it.  It's almost as if your skin can no longer contain you, for all the...

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Dealing with Rejection

In the process of setting boundaries and taking stock of our relationships, clearing out the toxic ones and cutting ties with certain people in our lives, it's important to remember that we are not the only ones deciding to part ways.  In tuning into collective...

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Lighten Your Load by Forgiving

Tuning into collective consciousness today, I feel a very strong sense of wanting to let go of old toxic thoughts and patterns - a desire to let go and move forward.  It seems many of us are ready and willing to forgive, but the part of us that was hurt is still...

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