Collective Consciousness Daily Readings - artwork by Josephine Wall

Art © Josephine Wall

Most days, I tune into Collective Consciousness to pull out a jewel of wisdom to share as a daily reading.


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Open Your Mind to Alternatives

My oh my, but aren't we feeling stubborn today!  It feels frustrating, doesn't it?  Knowing what you want, and doing all that work to actualize it into this reality... and feeling so bored while you sit there twiddling your thumbs, growing restless as you hold on so...

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The Fork in the Road

Today I feel a collective pause, as if we've been walking along a path, and we've come to a fork in the road.  It's not a feeling of indecision or of being stuck, but more of a little rest to catch our breath while we weigh each potential choice.  Perhaps we set up...

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Act As If

Today I feel a collective urge to move forward and do - to take some action on something you've been wanting to do - along with feelings of "what is" keeping you from taking that step forward.  A bit of "I want to but..."  The desire to move forward is now becoming...

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Time for Silence and Grounding

Feeling a little unfocused and scattered today?  Maybe some confusion going on?  A little spaced out, perhaps?  Well you're not alone.  I'm picking up a lot of that today.  Walking into a room for something, and by the time you get there, you find yourself scratching...

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Dealing with Obstacles

The energy I feel from Collective Consciousness today is that moving forward and finding those annoying little obstacles cluttering our paths.  Whoops!  Phew - good thing you saw that one in time.  Tripping and falling over that stone was not what you had in mind...

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Leaving the Old Behind

The energy I feel today from Collective Consciousness is that of having made some decisions to move forward, and having a specific direction in mind, but there's a little hesitation about leaving the old behind.  I sense some wrestling with fears and guilt about what...

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Create with Passion

"Wow, where did that come from?  I thought I was done with that old grief.  Had I not spent several years processing that and let go already?  Why do I feel like a big raw nerve today?"  That's the energy I feel when tuning into Collective Consciousness - a lot of old...

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Challenges are Intensifying

Slap!  Slam!  Crumble!  Ouch!  I'm hearing and sensing a lot of that going on in Collective Consciousness today.  Slapped with more challenges, each harder than the last, doors of opportunity slamming shut - well it feels like the rug has been pulled out from...

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Love and Appreciate Your Friends

The feeling I get from Collective Consciousness energy today feels like a whole lot of pressure and a sense of panic, as if time is running out.  In asking Spirit for guidance in how to deal with this, I was filled with gratitude for my friends - both human and...

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Finding Your Way to Abundance

New ideas have sprung forth, and you're feeling excited about your new opportunity.  But how to make it work?  While tuning into Collective Consciousness today, I feel a lot of new inspiration and excitement, along with a sense of "hmmm... how do I do that?" energy....

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Live to Your Truest Potential

The Collective Consciousness energy today feels like the end of a wave.  I see visions of a wave gone back into the sea, a slate wiped clean, a chalk board erased, and cleared, tilled soil, ready to be seeded.  This is the time to take a little vacation from your...

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Self-Reflection with Non-Judgment

Continuing along with the current energy of Collective Consciousness, that being a lot of confusion and not quite knowing what step to take next, the guidance from Spirit today appears as a large mirror.  It is a mirror for self-reflection.  Stand before it without...

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