Collective Consciousness Daily Readings - artwork by Josephine Wall

Art © Josephine Wall

Most days, I tune into Collective Consciousness to pull out a jewel of wisdom to share as a daily reading.


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Walk Slowly Through the Darkness

Collective Consciousness energy today continues with feelings of confusion.  A sense of not knowing the way forward, not knowing what steps to take - a lot of darkness surrounding us all, as if we're all stumbling in the dark together.  It seems as if there's this...

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Knowing Your Next Step

The energy I feel today when I tune into Collective Consciousness is that of confusion, frustration and a bit of overwhelm.  So many of us are feeling on edge and snapping at each other and slamming doors or having other little fits and outbursts on account of this...

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What Would Love Say?

As I read the energy of Collective Consciousness today, I feel the intensity and the immensity of the stress.  It feels like we are all in a pressure cooker together, heating up and ready to explode.  As I asked Spirit for our daily message of guidance, the first...

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Your Request Has Been Accepted

Today's message from Collective Consciousness tells us that our requests have been received and accepted.  Your Higher Self is now working on your behalf to make all the necessary connections for your manifestation to appear.  You have successfully set your focus on...

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Your Intuition is Now Blossoming

Today's message from Collective Consciousness calls us to open up our hearts and minds to our own inner wisdom, and appears much like a flower blossoming from the 3D Earthly realm into a fluid Spirit realm.  The guidance for today is to relax and connect with your...

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Time for Balance and Grounding

Today's message from Collective Consciousness tells us that we need to pay attention to staying balanced and grounded while we move through the chaos.  There's a lot going on that can cause us to become ungrounded and to lose our balance, whether its our own ego...

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There’s a Storm Coming

Today's message from Collective Consciousness is giving us warning about an approaching storm.  It may already be upon some of us.  Just as many places in the United States are currently bracing themselves for a nor'easter winter storm, we understand that is the...

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Feel Your Essence and Accept Yourself

Today's message from Collective Consciousness reminds us that we are Divine and that we need to fully and unconditionally accept ourselves, no matter what we're going through, no matter what emotions we're feeling.  Sometimes we just don't like ourselves much,...

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You’re Never Truly Alone

Today's message from Collective Consciousness is a reminder that we are never truly alone.  Though we feel so alone in so many of the things we go through, it's important to remember that we are each part of the whole.  We are all connected with each other; we are all...

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Know Thy Self and to Thy Self Be True

Today's message from Collective Consciousness guides us to seek knowledge.  And not just any knowledge - though all knowledge is encouraged - but especially, self knowledge.  Become intimately familiar with your Self.  How do you do this?  By listening.  Just as you...

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Reevaluating Our Friendships

Today's message from Collective Consciousness draws our attention to balance within our friendships, and a call for reevaluation.  We're asked to take a good honest look at the friendships, acquaintanceships, and various relationships we have with others, and ask...

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Take Bold Action Now

Today's message from Collective Consciousness comes across like a giant green light, a racing flag waved, a gunshot into the sky.  The message is: GO!  Go now!  This is not a time for playing it safe - put your foot on that gas pedal and go!  Pedal to the metal!  Take...

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